Monday, 31 August 2015

Bento #56 - Minions Chicken Rice

It has been a sickly week for me. I was busy with work, preparing bento and experimenting with bread making. And the breaking point is really after I baked this Wu Pao Chun Champion Toast loaf. As I have just bought a new breadmaker Donlim SKP 3920, I was really eager to try the different types of breadmaking techniques and recipes until I can settle with one that we really love. I would really make full use of my new toy as we love breads!

So amidst my coughing, sneezing and battling with headache,  eye ache, cheek ache, body ache….(very bad sinus). I managed to prepare this minions chicken rice bento for my boy.  I was satisfied with the taste, in fact this was the first time it tasted so much like chicken rice and I wished that I could have more (prepared for myself, hubby and #1), too bad I did not have the pandan leaves as they would definitely make the rice more fragrant. 
The minions would have looked better if I have more proper tools, someone please tell me where to get the pincer and pointed scissors for cutting details out from nori as it will make my bento-ing job easier. I was sweating as I was cutting the minion’s hair and eyes out from nori!

But all the sweat was worth it. Even though my #1 was already running a fever while eating this bento, he still managed to finish all the food. And thereafter, we just got sicker and I had to go to the doctor for medications, which I won’t want if I had a choice because I am still breastfeeding #2 and would like to minimize my intake of medications. We were just so sick and missed out on all the events that we were supposed to attend during the weekends…sob sob…….

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bento #55 - Baymax enjoying his bath

Close shot of Baymax

My boys don’t really watch TV programmes at home, neither do we bring them to the cinema, so it is a treat for them (for me too!) when we get to watch “Big Hero 6” at a free movie screening during our picnic event over the weekends. This is really one of the few movies that we have watched.

And I guess we all fell in love with the irresistibly cute marshmallow Baymax. Making a Baymax bento for my #1 becomes one of the to-do things on my list.

The bento is showing Baymax relaxing in a bath of crab mayonnaise with a small rice ball beneath. Sides are steamed vegetables and miso baked salmon. Baymax’s head, hands and legs are made from quail egg. I shaped the egg with a cling wrap while it is hot and then put it into ice water to fix the shape. The good thing about using quail egg is that I do not need to use so much rice as my boy do not really have much time for lunch to finish his food. Am very satisfied with Baymax, it looks too cute to be eaten.

Time flies, today will be the last training before I send my P6 pupils off for their PSLE oral examinations tomorrow. I pray that they will be able to perform to their best.

All the best, children!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bento #54 - Ginger scallion pork

Ginger scallion pork for hubby's lunch today. Quick, easy and palatable dish to prepare. Needs some skill in cutting thin slices of pork though.

Monday, 17 August 2015

#Bento 53 - Hamburger Bear

It was a lovely weekend again. We went for a picnic at NUS u town for an alumni event. It's breezy and not too crowded, unlike some other picnic events that we have been too....the crowd is much so I have decided not to participate in any more picnic events.But this event organized by NUS is different,maybe also because of the's held during the evening so it's more cooling. The event ended off with a movie screening of Big Hero 6..really love the adorable Baymax!
I prepared some mini bear burgers with homemade patties for the boys. We had a fabulous time of course!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bento #52 Sesame Oil Chicken

All time favorite and easy to cook dish. Sesame oil,ginger and lots of spring onion is a marvelous combination.Not to forget my favorite air fryer egg.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bento #51 - Panda bento for colleague

Prepared this for my colleague today. Panda rice balls (as requested) with teriyaki chicken. As you can see, the egg is a disaster because my hands slipped and oops too much of the mixed herbs! Looks really ugly but then I really wish to make the bento more sumptuous so I still put the egg in, knowing that my kind hearted colleague won't mind.

Felt a little guilty using disposable boxes, I thought it will be more convenient but it really isn't environmental friendly!I guess I shall stock up on some Daiso lunch boxes in future. Love the beautiful wax paper though.

I feel really happy when I see my colleague's face beaming with joy and enjoying the food that I have prepared. It's the best reward that I get. Would really love to cater bento boxes to more but due to my limited capability and time, I'm sorry to say that I can only prepare at most 2-3 bentos every morning.
And.....erm...........I'm not a really good cook to begin with...............=]

Bento #50 Chicken stew

Chicken stew for my hubby's lunch. Marinated the wings with oyster sauce and Italian herbs and throw into my thermal pot,together with some carrots, mushrooms and potatoes the previous night. And the next morning, I just need to steam my veges and my lunch boxes are ready!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bento #49 Miso Salmon Onigiri

A very simple but well spent jubilee weekend.Can't help but feel my heartache and tears flowing when I saw the tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.I really do see something of him everywhere in Singapore.I guess the best way to thank him is to move on in life,be grateful and put in our best effort to contribute to Singapore.I'm extremely proud to be a Singaporean!

As everywhere is full of people, we decided to go West Coast park for a picnic. Prepared miso salmon onigiri (above) using the onigiri mold that I've bought from Daiso and I think the end product looks (and tastes) really good!I really adore Daiso.Am already looking forward to the next shopping trip to Daiso.Besides bento-ing,my other hobby is organizing my home...everything deserves its own space...they must be in a basket,box or some sort of organizer.I just feel really satisfied seeing everything in order and organized.Daiso offers lots of value for money stuffs.

First time pitching our tent.My #2 loves it as he  imagined it to be an igloo.And I'm really impressed that my hubby managed to set it up pretty fast.
We played with the sand,playgrounds,enjoyed our food,the breeze,the greenery and reward ourselves with some MacDonald ice-cream.
It's a really happy and fruitful day for us.I can see that my boys really enjoyed themselves.
It's free.It's Priceless.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bento #48 - Doraemon chicken rice

Doraemon chicken rice for my son's lunch today. I especially like its nose which is actually the tip of a cherry tomato. The chickens are marinated with soy sauce, mixed herbs, olive oil and brushed on with honey during the last 5 min of baking.

I think it's really time for me to get a pincer for bento will definitely make my job easier.

Looking forward to the jubilee weekends!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bento #47 - Baked fish with Garlic Mayonnaise

I love this dish simply because I love mayonnaise. I think that anything tastes good with mayonnaise! I used sea bass fish today, but can't wait to try it with cod fish,it'll definitely taste even better.

I mixed Japanese mayonnaise with garlic powder and olive oil and spread it generously on the fish,thereafter bake it in the oven for 12-15min at 200 deg,depending on the thickness of the fish.

Really think the mayonnaise spread will go well with anything,chicken,salmon,prawns? Anything else you can think of?

Recipe adapted from wokkingmum's.