Friday, 27 November 2015

Bento #79-Chicken burgers with curry mashed potato

Prepared chicken burgers for all of us because I'm bringing the boys to Kiddy Fun at Grandstand today. Chicken patties and bread were all bought from NTUC, though I wish I can make my own burger breads one day. Egg with spring onions, chicken patties, cheese and lettuce for the burgers. Curry mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and some fried scallops and nuggets for the sides. Oh dear, I kept forgetting the name of the cylindrical looking thing but they taste something like cuttlefish ball.
Wanted to fry some fries actually to make it an authentic fast food set..haa..but we have been feeling under the weather recently so nope, decided to replace the fries with mash instead.

My lunchbox is full after stuffing in the burgers, I need to really squeeze the sides in.

The lunchbox on the left is for #1 and the one on the right is for #2. #1 loves mash while #2 loves tomatoes, he can easily pop 20 into his mouth. So, we got to keep the tomatoes out of his sight else he'll be too full for his meal after all the tomatoes. It's a joy looking at my boys enjoying their lunch. After eating, they still have half an hour more to enjoy the indoor playground. Thank God for blessing us with a wonderful Friday and keeping us safe on the road. Love our dear Father in Heaven.

Recipe for Curry mashed potato 

1) 1 potato
2) kewpie mayonnaise 
3) salt and black pepper
4) Curry powder


1) Put the potato into the boiling water and boil for about 20 min. Let it cool completely because if it didn't, it'll turn oily when mayonnaise is added.
2) Mash the potato with a fork and add in the mayonnaise. The amount really depends on your preference. Add some salt and black pepper to season.
3) Add the curry powder which does magic and gives the mash a very unique taste. I like to add in some parsley too.

Very easy to prepare and convenient to pack in lunchboxes. My #1 simply loves it.

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