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Review of Playkeroo @ 100am mall {Review and Giveaway}

We are very happy and excited to be invited to this brand new indoor playground in town which is nestled at a very central location - 100am mall (just beside Amara Hotel). *Beware of expensive parking fees though.......

I love the colors! Happy boys!

Playkeroo (formerly Red Bean Park), just opened in March 2017,  is on the 4th floor of 100am mall. 

Little chairs for your little ones to rest while you settle the payment

Zoo-Moov lookalike rides

Limitted choices of beverages
Instead of having the usual cafe for parents to chill out, Playkeroo has their own nail salon where mummies can pamper themselves while their children play! What a great idea right?!! (sorry hubbies......)

A large colorful wall welcomes you when you stepped into the playground. And so we know how the name Playkeroo comes about......

Baby-Roo Forest Land (for babies 18 months old and under)

I don't know what it is with ball pits that they are so popular with children and so no playground is complete without them. This is a friendly little ball bit with a cute little slide, perfect for your babies.

All these little obstacles for your babies to fine tune their motor skills and you won't need to worry about them falling. *Do stay close to monitor though....*

Outside the junior area, we have this gigantic piano for your budding talents in music.

Diaper changing & nursing room

I'm so happy to find a clean and bright diaper changing and nursing room within the premise! It looks pretty decent and I'm happy to change Rayes' diaper there.

Though it's not very well doesn't have a sink! A sink is very important especially when your baby poops so that means you have to get out of the indoor playground and make a trip to the washroom just to wash your hands. However, the good news is the washroom is just beside the playground..whew!

And because the room is only covered with a curtain, please be mentally prepared that anyone can pull open the curtain anytime. But overall, it is still not too bad.

Kangaroo City

The second area is sort of a pretend play area where there are little car rides for the little ones to experience city life and navigate through the traffic conditions. You can have a car wash or refill your fuel tank. Sounds fun?

Joey's Hills

And the real fun begins! We move on to the active play area where the little ones get to run around and expend their energy with soft play equipment, obstacle courses, trampoline, slides, ballpit and an interactive floor play.

The boys were thrilled with the gigantic ball pit! And Rayson actually spent some time playing with the huge balls pretending that they were giant meatballs. I love the pink slide as well! Not too high and the ball pit will ensure a soft and safe landing for your toddlers.

This is the second slide at the active play area, very toddler friendly too!

There are also these obstacles for your toddlers to build their confidence while keeping them safe - View video below

There are no lockers in sight and most of the parents just leave their bags at this area which overlooks Joey's Hills. It's quite comfortable resting here actually so hubbies, maybe you can relax and read a book here while your children are playing and wives are doing their nails. If you are comfortable with nursing in public, this is a good place for mummies to nurse because they can also watch their elder ones at the same time.

Party Room

The little white door, which my hubby thinks is quite narrow, actually opens to their party room. I don't have much issue about the narrow door, well as long as I can pass through, what problem is there? However, my hubby commented that it is unsafe as it will take a longer time to evacuate in emergency cases. Oh! I didn't think of this, he has a point too!

They have different birthday packages to choose from. You might want to consider the sporty add-on for 45 min of fun filled activities!

And we end our day with these kiddy rides which the boys absolutely love! (with additional charges though). 

Charges similar to Zoomoov?

100 am mall is pretty quiet on a Saturday morning so it's a breeze to ride around, Rayden could do it on his own.


My first impression of Playkeroo is it has a very "baby" feel with all the pastel colors and soft play structures, I think it suits younger children better. In fact, it is indeed designed for children below 7 years old to pursue child directed play in an imaginative, fun and safe environment. However, my 7 years old Rayson enjoyed himself thoroughly nevertheless.

We went on a Saturday morning and the business is good! As the place isn't too big, it will be less enjoyable and unsafe for the young ones if it's too crowded with many older kids who play rougher. Hence, I would advise you to visit during weekdays.

Now the problem is how do I get my stroller out?
I find the charges pretty reasonable! Playkeroo certainly offers lots more than playgrounds like Singkids, which has similar soft play structures. And it offers unlimited playtime all year round which most indoor playgrounds don't offer (usually they limit to 2 hours playtime during peak seasons). It will most probably be overcrowded during peak seasons though......

So if this is nearer home, I will probably drop by more often as it caters pretty well to my boys ranging from 6 months - 7 years old.

Last but not least, I always feel that indoor playgrounds are a tad "dirty" because it is filled with germs in an air conditioned environment! And I wonder how often and how well they clean their playgrounds. 

You will be happy and assured to know that at Playkeroo, they place hygiene as their utmost priority. Ultraviolet (UV) light lamps (UV light has a deadly effect on micro organisms such as pathogens, viruses and bacterias) are left to run throughout the night. 
Every morning, before the playground is open to the public, they wipe and sanitize all their toys and play vehicles. 
The balls in their ball pits are washed, sterilized and dried by an automated ball washer machine. A three step ball cleaning process scrubs balls over their entire surface and exposed to UV light sterilization. 
Once every week, when the playground is closed to the public, the balls will be emptied from the ball pits and they will give their ball pits a thorough cleaning.

Wow! I feel so safe! Are you packing your bags and making your way to Playkeroo already? Here's the walk through of Playkeroo video you have been waiting for!

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  1. Nice place you got there. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, you should also try to visit Glorietta. I'm sure you'll love it too.

    1. Really! I will check it out if I have a chance!😊