Friday, 26 May 2017

Bento #188 - Rainbow bento

It's R1's PTM today so I only need to prepare bento for my hubby. It's the last day of the school term! Are you as excited as I am??!!! This means that I can spend so much more time with all my boys and we can go at a more relaxed pace. Yea!

I probably won't be making as many bentos during this period since there is no school and not so many charaben also because my hubby has no need for such cuteness...haa.

A rainbow bento to close the term. I love rainbows because they are so pretty and brings hope and joy. Moreover, the rainbow is God's promise to us hence it holds a really special place in my heart.

Pan fried minced meat and mushrooms with fried ginger.
Rainbow using crabmeat (red), carrots (orange), corn (yellow), edamame (green). purple seaweed (purple), sakura denbu (pink).

Enjoy your holidays!

Kai Sin

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bento #187 - Curry grilled chicken with Poli from Robocar

Do your children like Robocar, a korean cartoon? I personally like this cartoon a lot because the characters are so cute and there is no violence at all in their stories. After watching, my boys only role played how to help or save others so I guess it's good in a way. 

Rayson's favorite character is Poli, the police robot in the rescue team. So here it is, Poli in his bento today, using all natural blue dye from butterfly pea flower.

I played around with varying the concentration to get the different shades of blue and I'm pretty happy with the results. I should have used corns for the headlights though because the egg yolk looks a bit messy..haaa.

The curry grilled chicken taste great today and the marinade is so easy to prepare!

Recipe for Curry grilled chicken

2 deboned chicken thighs


1 tbsp of light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp of garlic powder (no harm putting more)
1 tbsp of curry powder ( I put a lot more curry powder than this)


  • Marinate the chicken and leave them in the fridge overnight
  • Preheat oven and bake the chickens at 190 deg for 15 - 20 min. I turned to top fire for the last 5 min so that the skin will become a bit more crispy and brown

Aren't these food picks cute? I have been searching high and low for them!

Hubby's bento. Love his perfect sunny side up!
Kai Sin

Monday, 22 May 2017

Bento #186 Fried miso salmon with Rilakkuma

Yea! I'm happy to announce that we have all finally recovered! And I certainly feel more energetic after a week's break and some catch-up on my sleep.

No school for Rayson today because it's admin day hence I only prepared bento for hubby. Nowadays, even hubby's bento must be cute....haaaaaaaaa.....

Used the miso salmon that I froze and deep fried it. For Rilakkuma, I used Japanese fish cakes. A sleepy bear to welcome hubby's bento eh? 

Kai Sin

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Meiji Run - The world's most delicious run!

We spent our weekends at the Meiji Run! 

I have really considered going for the 5 km run but the recent virus attack has really kept me busy and weak I have no time to train at all! Nevertheless, we are still happy that we can attend this event with healthy bodies.

For the previous Spongebob run, which was also held at Sentosa Palawan beach, we had to walk quite a distance to the "Start" point from where we parked our car. I was kind of dreading the walk because it means that I would need to carrier baby Rayes and walked (on the sand somemore!) such a long distance before reaching our destination!

But hey, I got a surprise!

I could see the "Start" point when we walked out of the carpark and the venue was just right in front of us! Yea! I could even bring my stroller along! Thumbs-up for this change! Really brought a lot of convenience for us with kids.

We went shopping at the Meiji Fair which has quite a number of good deals, you will really jump for joy if you love Meiji snacks.

Photo booth isn't ready yet...

There were some booths selling snacks like burgers and ice-cream. I bought this not-too-sweet Meiji ice-cream to relieve us under the sweltering heat.

Well, I think we would have enjoyed ourselves more if not for the heat. I love how convenient is the venue now and we would really love to lay a picnic mat on the artificial turf and enjoy our $20 Meiji hamper leisurely while watching the movie. Maybe it will help if there are more shelters in future? 

Meiji Hamper worth $20

Watch out for the next Meiji run if you have missed this one!

Kai Sin

Friday, 12 May 2017

Bento #185 - Miso salmon with mini totoros

This post is backdated and I'm still running a fever as I'm updating it. This is really a potent virus, I haven't had fever for so many days! The virus starting from Rayden (who was admitted for suspected Kawasaki) swept across the family sparing none except Ray, who showed very mild symptoms. All have recovered except me! 

Feeling the cold waves and aching from head to toe, making it more challenging is a super cranky baby Rayes who only wants to be carried. I'm just thankful the littlest one is feeling much better. Also thankful for so much support from family esle I will definitely be even more miserable! Not forgetting a very involved hubby who tried to lighten my burden as much as possible.

So very reluctantly, I'm taking a break from my bento making. Hopefully I can resume soon ya?

This is actually Rayson's breakfast, he is missing school because of his fever. The egg is dyed with butterfly pea flower water and the white totoro is actually a quail egg. Aren't they cute? He has been asking me to make the whole totoro family but I guess it takes a bit of day maybe?

Hubby's bento with miso salmon and 3 Japanese fish cakes. The fish cakes taste great with Kewpie mayonnaise. But then again, everything tastes great with Kewpie!

It's amazing how she plays the multiple roles in the family so well that I grow up not lacking in anything.  Without her, I am sure growing up will be much tougher and the world a harsher place to live in.  只要有妈妈在的地方,那里的风景一定是最美的。
I hope for the many years to come, she can have the best of me.
#世上只有妈妈好 #最美的女人 #时间不等人

Anyway, our family don't celebrate days like Valentine's day, mother's day, father's day etc, We want to live in moments and not for days like these. Also, they are just too commercialized why should we go along with it? These are just my thoughts. Nothing wrong in celebrating as long as you love your family as dearly everyday and every moment!

Kai Sin

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bento #184 - Ham and cheese bear sandwich with 2 little penguins

This is the first time I am making ham and cheese sandwich. I try to avoid ham as much as possible but really......I love ham and cheese myself too! So watch my space and remind me if you see me using any ham again. (I froze 2 pieces of ham though so should be using them to make some charaben soon)

I love the cute little penguins. They are made from quail eggs! Eyes are black sesame, mouth is corn and tomato sauce as its blusher.

This penguin looks a bit evil though.

Hubby will be having grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. He gets a penguin (using egg) too! 

Kai Sin

Monday, 8 May 2017

Bento #183 - Miso grilled chicken with gutedama tamagoyaki

Used a new lunchbox for Rayson today! Well, it isn't exactly new because I bought it when Rayson was 1 or even younger than that? We didn't really have a chance to use it until now!

He requested for gutedama so I gave him 3...heee....

Rayson's favorite grilled miso chicken.

Hubby's bento

Sharing a video of me fighting 14 years ago. Taekwondo was my passion then and the only thing I remember about my uni days! haaa. We trained so much my knees would often jerked up involuntarily during lectures. Wonderful memories! This was IVP 2003 and I was representing NUS. Sport me in waist long hair!

Kai Sin

Friday, 5 May 2017

Bento #182 - Pan fried shabu pork and a lion curry mashed potato

Hope all of you had a rawring good friday! The lion is actually Rayson's favorite curry mashed potato with halfed carrots as the mane. How does it look? 

Had actually wanted to try and interesting curry and peanut butter marinade for my shabu pork today but then it will be curry flavor again so I decided to leave this to another day instead. Hence, I used a simple marinade of light soy sauce, maggi seasoning, wine and black pepper instead.

Hubby's seat had a charred cod fish nugget.....=P

Kai Sin