Saturday, 20 May 2017

Meiji Run - The world's most delicious run!

We spent our weekends at the Meiji Run! 

I have really considered going for the 5 km run but the recent virus attack has really kept me busy and weak I have no time to train at all! Nevertheless, we are still happy that we can attend this event with healthy bodies.

For the previous Spongebob run, which was also held at Sentosa Palawan beach, we had to walk quite a distance to the "Start" point from where we parked our car. I was kind of dreading the walk because it means that I would need to carrier baby Rayes and walked (on the sand somemore!) such a long distance before reaching our destination!

But hey, I got a surprise!

I could see the "Start" point when we walked out of the carpark and the venue was just right in front of us! Yea! I could even bring my stroller along! Thumbs-up for this change! Really brought a lot of convenience for us with kids.

We went shopping at the Meiji Fair which has quite a number of good deals, you will really jump for joy if you love Meiji snacks.

Photo booth isn't ready yet...

There were some booths selling snacks like burgers and ice-cream. I bought this not-too-sweet Meiji ice-cream to relieve us under the sweltering heat.

Well, I think we would have enjoyed ourselves more if not for the heat. I love how convenient is the venue now and we would really love to lay a picnic mat on the artificial turf and enjoy our $20 Meiji hamper leisurely while watching the movie. Maybe it will help if there are more shelters in future? 

Meiji Hamper worth $20

Watch out for the next Meiji run if you have missed this one!

Kai Sin

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