Monday, 29 June 2015

Bento #34

Today's lunch is white vinegar sweet and sour pork ribs.This is one of my favorite dishes.I think sweet and sour dishes are always very appetizing and pleasing to our taste buds.

As school starts today,I have to keep the dishes simple so that I can be in time for ......everything.This dish is really simple,just some cutting of garlic,throw in the pork ribs,pour the vinegar in and ta-da!Just give yourself sufficient time for some simmering so that the ribs are cooked thoroughly and soft enough to eat.I finished cleaning up in time and even have some time to cut an orange.

I've succumbed to temptations and bought my hello kitty bento picks.Love them because they brighten up my already beautiful Monday.Yes,no blues for me because I love what I do,I TEACH.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Bento #33

Sesame Oil chicken, using Noob's recipe, for hubby's lunch today. It's really a fast and simple dish to cook and makes me reminisce my confinement period where almost all the food is filled with sesame and ginger.

Oh dear and school reopens next week.......I hope I still have time to prepare lunch...........

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bento #32

Salmon Teriyaki (diy teriyaki sauce), roasted potatoes with mixed herbs and steamed veges for hubby's lunch today.

Had a pleasant surprise yesterday. My #1's classmate's mother asked me about which Church I am attending while we were exchanging Whatsapp messages yesterday. As her daughter has been asking her questions about religions, she would like her daughter to attend Church to find out more about Christianity, even though they aren't. Of course I grabbed this golden opportunity to invite her children to attend Sunday School with my sons and she accepted! It's really a blessing that she is open minded about religion (anyway, Christianity isn't a religion, but a relationship with God) and allows her children to have a chance to seek answers to their doubts.I pray that God's Word will touch their hearts and they may one day be saved and receive the hope of Eternal life too.

Why is this a pleasant surprise? Because I have been too used to inviting friends and being rejected. But this is a God sent!

Wandering back to my memory lane, I remembered my #1 telling me one day about how his teacher has asked him to stop talking about God in class.(btw my #1 is 5 years old) We have taught him that the best gift that he can give his friends is the Gospel and I believe he is trying to tell his friends about God in school. He has been asking his friends if they know who created the world. Could it be that my friend's daughter heard my #1 talking about God in class and hence became curious? I really hope #1 will keep up this good work and also be a good example to his little brother.

One thing that I really need to learn from my #1 is his courage, he has no fear for rejection. We Christians have to remember our mission while we are alive. But courage, is something which I have been praying for.

Mat 28:19-20 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."Amen

Who created the world and how did everything start? Do you know the answer? Did you take time to think about this very important question?

Our 5 years old are thinking and my 5 year old knows the answer. It's time for you to find out too because there is no time to waste.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bento #31

Sweet and sour pork for lunch today. Used my air fryer to fry the meat, however, I'm very upset to see some of the meat all stuck to my fryer. Why? Isn't it an air fryer? Moreover, I have already greased the pan! I ended up spending quite a significant amount of time scrubbing the pan. So maybe, it will be some time before I'm going to cook this dish in the morning again.

But still, I think it looks pretty good and appetizing, Tomato never fails after all.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bento #30

I kind of cheated for today's bento because I did not really cook much. We are going to have this very yummilicious otah from Muar for lunch. I have never been a fan of otah, never, and will not eat it if I have a choice. But I simply love this otah from Muar! It doesn't taste like the normal otah which I suspect contains just some not so fresh squashed fish mixed with tonnes of other unknown stuffs. You can really see chucks of fish meat for this otah from Muar and I think they taste pretty fresh.

So I just steamed purple sweet potato,vegetables and complete the set with my favourite air fried egg.

Wish I have carrots to add some orange colour to my bento..hee.

Prepared a set for myself as well because I'm back for supplementaries. Added some cute food picks which the man and  boys in my house don't really fancy. Guess it is a good thing as this will save me some money to buy all these cute stuffs. I'm really tempted to get some hello kitty food picks though. Stop me! And blur me forgot to cook rice for myself!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Bento #29

Oyakodon for hubby's lunch today. Really love this dish as it is very easy to prepare and it looks and tastes so healthy! I'm sure my boys are going to love this as well.
Recipe from
Substituted sake for hua diao wine, I really should buy some sake for some authentic Japanese taste.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Bento #28

Oh, I am so excited because I finally received my new toys yesterday! The Lunchbot lunch boxes that I have ordered from US. All thanks to my bff's help whose husband is stationed there now.I have already lost count of the things that I have shipped to her address.Am really looking forward to her coming home.

Really love the sky blue colour of the lid which I think my boys will love too. I have actually bought 2 identical ones for my boys because I know that #2 will definitely want to use what his brother is using. They are much much much smaller than I imagined them to be. Definitely too small for my hubby but just the right size for my boys I guess. They are very easy to fill up with goodies! Best of all, the material is very sturdy and made of food grade stainless steel. 

I am so excited to use it hence I packed my hubby's lunch in them today. Of course the rice overflowed and I have to use another container to hold them..haaaaa.

Char Siew for my hubby's lunch today.A bit salty but I guess it will be okay with all the rice and steamed veges. Have a great Friday!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bento #27

Miso cod and colourful veges for hubby's lunch today.This is my favourite way of preparing the cod fish.Just throw in the cod into boiling miso, top it with lots of ginger and garlic and simmer for 7min.Hubby can have some miso soup as well.I hope it doesn't leak though.How I wish I can have some leakproof lunch boxes.

Can you spot something new today?There are purple sweet potatoes!They're really sweet and tasty and best of all,very nutritious.So now I have red,orange,yellow,green and purple for my veges,just lacking 2 colours to form a rainbow.Colours really brightens up my day.

In a flash,school holiday is going to be over.Though I look forward to seeing my pupils,I know I will miss spending time with my boys.And mornings will be tensed and rushing for me again.

But fear not,I believe that God will take good care of us and make everything fall in place.
Good day!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bento #26

Fried salmon patties for lunch today. Didn't turn out the way I want them to be. It's a bit dry and not too crispy. Looks like I will need to research more into making nice patties so that my boys will have yummy homemade burgers to eat.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Bento #25

Lunch today is pretty fuss free. Pan fried minced meat with sichuan. The sichuan provides all the flavour to the meal. No other seasonings needed but just some sesame oil to add to the aroma.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Bento #24

Yummy teriyaki chicken for lunch today.Am very pleased with the results.I think it looks,tastes and smells pretty good!
Think I'm trying to go Japanese theme today. I prepared chawamushi to go along with the lunch as well.The seaweed is quite a spoiler as it makes the chawamushi pretty ugly..argh.Lunch is complete with edamame beans,tomatoes,mushrooms and corns.

Prepared extra as I'm bringing my boys out.Two sets of teriyaki chicken for my boys.Hope they like it.
There,lunch will all be packed nicely in my $2 Daiso lunch bag.
It'll be a great day today!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bento #23

Canned sardines for hubby's lunch today and it's actually his favorite.Canned food isn't really good but sardines promote heart,bone and optimal health and are actually
packed with a wealth of nutrients minus the mercury.I guess the key is to eat everything in moderation.
Topped the sardines with a generous serving of fried onions and steamed vegetables and tomatoes as the side.Looks quite sumptuous.
Thankful to God for the wonderful day today.

Watched an interesting video yesterday in which a Korean guy went round to interview people on what do they live for.It's sad that many of them were stumped by this question.
Do you know the answer?
"What do you live for?" I would think this is the most important question in life.If we have no answer to it,we'll never find our way.If we plan so much for our future,our marriage,our career....why don't we ever plan or think about life after death?
Afterall, all of us will surely die one day.Nobody in history has ever escaped death.
Too young?Too busy?Death strikes at a time we least expect it.
Wake up and think about it now.

As for me,I live for God.Our Creator.Our one and only true God.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bento #22

Hubby is still having sore throat and I really hope that he recovers soon.He's the last to catch the virus.
Pan-fried white fish,steamed vegetables and tomato rice for his lunch.

I simply love holidays!Because I get to spend more time with my precious ones.Enjoy looking at my boys when they just woke up,our breakfast time together,enjoy seeing how happy my boys are when they see each other in the mornings and how they play(fight) together.These are the scenes that I missed when I go to work and when they go school.How precious holidays are and I really hope time slows down.

Rayson and I had a fruitful Bible time as well.We had a good chat on the definition of Sin.We discussed about casinos,gambling and why we should not do things which we are doubtful of and stumble others in the process.And we are finally back to the book of Samuel again after a long halt.

We stayed home today because Rayson was very excited to bake his biscuits so we "visited" the bird park in the comfort of our own home.Imaginary play ensures that they are never bored.

Baked butter biscuits and the boys helped in cutting the shapes out.Am very busy trying to stop Rayden from putting the dough into his mouth though.I think he just can't wait to eat the biscuits,even though they aren't baked yet.
The end product.They aren't perfect but I think it's not important because we had a great time baking them together.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Bento 21

It's the school holidays and I woke up late at 530am!Have decided to get myself used to waking up at 4am,holidays or not,so that I can make full use of the morning time.There are notes to prepare for my pupils,books to read,need a lot of improvement for my Bible many more to list...Time is really precious,not a second to be wasted.
Fried rice with mushrooms,salmon and fish cake,topped with fried ginger and garlic.Not much ingredients left in the fridge as we have just returned from an overseas trip.
 It's supposed to be omu rice.

But I did not managed to squeeze all the rice in,maybe I fried too much.So in the end,Hubby brought these to his lab for lunch.
I hope he enjoys it.

I am thankful that I still have the chance to spend time with my family.The earthquake at Sabah is really a piece of devastating news.As I kiss my boys good night,I think about the children who have died.If their parents get to hug them one last time.The child and teacher who are still missing,are they somewhere out there,feeling cold and terrified,wishing to be home with their family.
I really cannot imagine the pain that the victims' family is going through now.I pray that God console their hearts and bless them with strength and courage to tide through this difficult period.I pray that God gives us a miracle and the 2 missing people will be rescued and be reunited with their families.I pray that the souls of the children are well rested and already with God.
At times like this,I feel that death is very near us.Our lives might be taken away,regardless of our age,at a time we least expect it.
Sometimes,I wonder when will it be my turn?
But of course I will not waste my time worrying about this.Instead,I will remind myself to treasure each and every moment that I am still alive.
And when the time really comes,I hope I am ready to face God and that I know I have given the best of me to the people around me.
Be thankful just to be alive because with each second that we have,we still have a chance to seek God and be granted the hope of Eternal life.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bento 20

It was a lovely day out at Universal Studio today (though with the scorching sun......)!We were all very excited and the boys really enjoyed themselves. We (yes,with my hubby's help too) prepared lunch to bring out. Nowadays, we decided that we will prepare our own lunch whenever we go out. It is actually pretty easy, healthy and friendly to our pockets. =)

Played with my rabbit and bear rice molds which have been lying in my cupboard for some time. Hubby added the tuna on top as the "hair"...=S

Wrapped grilled salmon,cucumbers and omelette in sushi rolls. Wanted to make tuna rolls too but realized I do not have enough rice.

Our meal is never complete without veges and fruits. My #2 finished the 15 cherry tomatoes in less than ermm...15 secs. The rest of the grapes and yogurts were not in the picture.

Packed the boys' lunch in this very adorable two tier Thomas Train lunchbox which is enough to get them excited.

And this is our hearty lunch to be enjoyed at Sentosa!
The best part is to see the boys enjoying their meal and I had a really good laugh watching my #2 gobbled up his lunch. Maybe the food isn't really that nice, just that we have starved them for quite a bit...and they have used up their energy scooting to Sentosa.