Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bento 20

It was a lovely day out at Universal Studio today (though with the scorching sun......)!We were all very excited and the boys really enjoyed themselves. We (yes,with my hubby's help too) prepared lunch to bring out. Nowadays, we decided that we will prepare our own lunch whenever we go out. It is actually pretty easy, healthy and friendly to our pockets. =)

Played with my rabbit and bear rice molds which have been lying in my cupboard for some time. Hubby added the tuna on top as the "hair"...=S

Wrapped grilled salmon,cucumbers and omelette in sushi rolls. Wanted to make tuna rolls too but realized I do not have enough rice.

Our meal is never complete without veges and fruits. My #2 finished the 15 cherry tomatoes in less than ermm...15 secs. The rest of the grapes and yogurts were not in the picture.

Packed the boys' lunch in this very adorable two tier Thomas Train lunchbox which is enough to get them excited.

And this is our hearty lunch to be enjoyed at Sentosa!
The best part is to see the boys enjoying their meal and I had a really good laugh watching my #2 gobbled up his lunch. Maybe the food isn't really that nice, just that we have starved them for quite a bit...and they have used up their energy scooting to Sentosa.

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