Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bento #30

I kind of cheated for today's bento because I did not really cook much. We are going to have this very yummilicious otah from Muar for lunch. I have never been a fan of otah, never, and will not eat it if I have a choice. But I simply love this otah from Muar! It doesn't taste like the normal otah which I suspect contains just some not so fresh squashed fish mixed with tonnes of other unknown stuffs. You can really see chucks of fish meat for this otah from Muar and I think they taste pretty fresh.

So I just steamed purple sweet potato,vegetables and complete the set with my favourite air fried egg.

Wish I have carrots to add some orange colour to my bento..hee.

Prepared a set for myself as well because I'm back for supplementaries. Added some cute food picks which the man and  boys in my house don't really fancy. Guess it is a good thing as this will save me some money to buy all these cute stuffs. I'm really tempted to get some hello kitty food picks though. Stop me! And blur me forgot to cook rice for myself!
Happy Tuesday!

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