Monday, 8 June 2015

Bento 21

It's the school holidays and I woke up late at 530am!Have decided to get myself used to waking up at 4am,holidays or not,so that I can make full use of the morning time.There are notes to prepare for my pupils,books to read,need a lot of improvement for my Bible many more to list...Time is really precious,not a second to be wasted.
Fried rice with mushrooms,salmon and fish cake,topped with fried ginger and garlic.Not much ingredients left in the fridge as we have just returned from an overseas trip.
 It's supposed to be omu rice.

But I did not managed to squeeze all the rice in,maybe I fried too much.So in the end,Hubby brought these to his lab for lunch.
I hope he enjoys it.

I am thankful that I still have the chance to spend time with my family.The earthquake at Sabah is really a piece of devastating news.As I kiss my boys good night,I think about the children who have died.If their parents get to hug them one last time.The child and teacher who are still missing,are they somewhere out there,feeling cold and terrified,wishing to be home with their family.
I really cannot imagine the pain that the victims' family is going through now.I pray that God console their hearts and bless them with strength and courage to tide through this difficult period.I pray that God gives us a miracle and the 2 missing people will be rescued and be reunited with their families.I pray that the souls of the children are well rested and already with God.
At times like this,I feel that death is very near us.Our lives might be taken away,regardless of our age,at a time we least expect it.
Sometimes,I wonder when will it be my turn?
But of course I will not waste my time worrying about this.Instead,I will remind myself to treasure each and every moment that I am still alive.
And when the time really comes,I hope I am ready to face God and that I know I have given the best of me to the people around me.
Be thankful just to be alive because with each second that we have,we still have a chance to seek God and be granted the hope of Eternal life.

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