Friday, 19 June 2015

Bento #28

Oh, I am so excited because I finally received my new toys yesterday! The Lunchbot lunch boxes that I have ordered from US. All thanks to my bff's help whose husband is stationed there now.I have already lost count of the things that I have shipped to her address.Am really looking forward to her coming home.

Really love the sky blue colour of the lid which I think my boys will love too. I have actually bought 2 identical ones for my boys because I know that #2 will definitely want to use what his brother is using. They are much much much smaller than I imagined them to be. Definitely too small for my hubby but just the right size for my boys I guess. They are very easy to fill up with goodies! Best of all, the material is very sturdy and made of food grade stainless steel. 

I am so excited to use it hence I packed my hubby's lunch in them today. Of course the rice overflowed and I have to use another container to hold them..haaaaa.

Char Siew for my hubby's lunch today.A bit salty but I guess it will be okay with all the rice and steamed veges. Have a great Friday!

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