Friday, 12 May 2017

Bento #185 - Miso salmon with mini totoros

This post is backdated and I'm still running a fever as I'm updating it. This is really a potent virus, I haven't had fever for so many days! The virus starting from Rayden (who was admitted for suspected Kawasaki) swept across the family sparing none except Ray, who showed very mild symptoms. All have recovered except me! 

Feeling the cold waves and aching from head to toe, making it more challenging is a super cranky baby Rayes who only wants to be carried. I'm just thankful the littlest one is feeling much better. Also thankful for so much support from family esle I will definitely be even more miserable! Not forgetting a very involved hubby who tried to lighten my burden as much as possible.

So very reluctantly, I'm taking a break from my bento making. Hopefully I can resume soon ya?

This is actually Rayson's breakfast, he is missing school because of his fever. The egg is dyed with butterfly pea flower water and the white totoro is actually a quail egg. Aren't they cute? He has been asking me to make the whole totoro family but I guess it takes a bit of day maybe?

Hubby's bento with miso salmon and 3 Japanese fish cakes. The fish cakes taste great with Kewpie mayonnaise. But then again, everything tastes great with Kewpie!

It's amazing how she plays the multiple roles in the family so well that I grow up not lacking in anything.  Without her, I am sure growing up will be much tougher and the world a harsher place to live in.  只要有妈妈在的地方,那里的风景一定是最美的。
I hope for the many years to come, she can have the best of me.
#世上只有妈妈好 #最美的女人 #时间不等人

Anyway, our family don't celebrate days like Valentine's day, mother's day, father's day etc, We want to live in moments and not for days like these. Also, they are just too commercialized why should we go along with it? These are just my thoughts. Nothing wrong in celebrating as long as you love your family as dearly everyday and every moment!

Kai Sin

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