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Review of Jujube Be Right Back Legacy diaper bag - The Monarch

If you are thinking of buying a Jujube diaper bag then I hope this post will be useful to you.

This is my Jujube diaper bag from the Be Right Back series. It is a backpack. I would prefer backpack to sling diaper bags because the weight distribution is more even.

I like the combination of black and gold which gives it a classy look. This is a bag which you won't hesitate to bring to formal occasions like wedding lunches and dinners or company functions. I think it also looks great as a working bag. 

The material is water proof and you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. There's this grab and go handle at the top of the bag which makes it very convenient for you to ermm..grab and go.

The back of the bag is quite cushiony so it's quite soft and comfortable to carry.

There are 2 side pockets suitable for putting water bottles or sippy cups. You need just an extra few seconds to squeeze a bottle in. This few seconds makes a difference to me. As I'm a latching mama, it'll be great if I can do things with just 1 hand.

So while nursing my baby, I might want to grab a drink and put it back in a split second (a bit exaggerated) which I'll not be able to do so with this Jujube diaper bag. I'm not sure if with time, the rims of the side pockets will loosen a bit (shrug).Every second counts with a newborn baby.

I keep the pacifier in one of the side pockets

There is this compartment at the back where the diaper changing mat is kept.
Oh..look at how classy the mat looks...the mat is thick and soft so baby should feel quite comfortable lying on it. This compartment can also be used to keep your ipad, tablet or a small laptop.

There are also these golden hooks which can be used to hook your bag to the stroller.
However, please ensure that your stroller isn't too light as this jujube bag with its full load and 2 filled 500 ml water bottles might overturn your stroller, it can be a hazard and dangerous to your baby.

Okay, let's venture off to look at the other compartments. The outer compartment I used it to keep name cards, insect repellents and EZ link card..I'll usually keep my handphone in this compartment too.

You can put a picture here.
This little compartment I used it to keep my tissues. We use lots of tissues.

Let's take a look at the next compartment.

My children's utensils, wallet and UV block
Essential oil, dental floss and an extra plastic bag for soiled clothes
Hook for your keys

Finally, let's take a look at the main compartment. It's good that the zips can be zipped all the way down so you can find your things easily.

I keep diapers and extra clothings in these mesh like pockets. 

Other stuffs in this main compartment are my boys' boogie boards, a book, nursing cover, another bag of extra clothing for my baby and a sweater to keep him warm. So...most of the stuffs are actually for baby Rayes.

It's not as spacious as I thought it will be. Another reason why I wouldn't stuff too many things in it is because this bag will be so heavy! Especially if I babywear Rayes and carry this diaper bag, it'll be very straining to my back and shoulders.

This compartment on the top of the bag is my favorite because I put all the stuffs which I'll need for changing diapers in it. Very accessible and convenient.

I'll give this diaper bag a 3/5. I like it for its classy look which doesn't go out of style. Its many compartments also makes it easy for me to organize and find my things. The material is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

However, I think it is way too heavy for me. To be practical, with 3 boys on tow and babywearing my youngest, I'll need a lightweight spacious diaper bag. 

In the near future, I'll also need to bring porridge out for baby Rayes. I cannot imagine bringing the porridge out in my's heavy enough now, even with no water bottles. Honestly, Jujube is a bit overhyped. 

Hope this review helps and stay tuned to my review of the possibility lightest diaper bag in the market now. 

CiPu Diaper bag

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