Tuesday, 27 December 2016

For my loves - When you are searching for your love.....read about how Mama met Papa...Part 1

Is this a love story between my hubby, Ray, and I? I would like to think that it is actually a love story between God and I. How I learn to love and know our almighty God once again......

For my loves - Rayson, Rayden and Rayes,

If I had Snow White's stepmother's magic mirror back then and saw in it who my future husband was, my jaws would have dropped and my eyeballs rolled. It is IMPOSSIBLE! How could it be him?!!!

Those were our secondary school days which hold many of my beautiful memories, however, my hubby, Ray, certainly wasn't in any of them.......All I could remember is...... he was my class monitor......that's it.......

Secondary 3 class photo
Ray (1st row 6th from the left) , Kai Sin (2nd row 6th from the right)
Secondary 4 class photo
Ray (3rd row 7th from the left), Kai Sin (2nd row 7th from the right)

We were classmates for 3 years and yet we have never spoken a single word to each other. Well, it's not that I have not taken notice of him. He has this very clean and decent look since secondary school days (hasn't change a bit), looks like a kind person. He never makes fun of people, unlike my other guy classmates. He was a serious and solemn chap, a totally different camp from me. I was pretty sure he would give me an expressionless look if I tried to talk to him. So I never attempted to try. We had no common topics.

I was a pretty conscientious student too but then I had maybe too much a distraction in my mind. Besides studying, I was also busy going out with friends, day-dreaming of meeting my white horse prince, having crushes here and there...yes..that's me..(I really think it's not a good idea to watch too many idol dramas).

4 years of secondary school life flew by and we went our separate ways, to different colleges and I never heard of him anymore. 

I was pretty sure I met him once in NUS Science faculty and I even smiled at him but when I mentioned this to him after we got married, he said he has no impression of it at all......Sigh......

To be continued in Part 2......

Kai Sin

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