Monday, 3 April 2017

Bento #168 - Luncheon meat and potatoes with tomato sauce and bunny holding his baby carrot

There's a little episode today, I set my alarm at 4 am but overslept to 5 am again because I was guessing since it was probably Rayes' time for milk, he would wake me up in a while...but no....when I woke up it was already 5 am. 

So I jumped out of bed and cooked the rice, then proceeded to pan fry the diced luncheon meat. Halfway through cooking, Rayes began to cry so I went to nurse him , fortunately he slept after drinking..whew whew whew. *heart thumping* Who can imagine bento making in the morning can be so exciting......

So I went back to the kitchen and started cooking again....I realized the rice was done in just 20 min! I love my rice efficient! I was very happy because the rice would have enough time to cool down as I wanted to make a bunny that morning and it would be very challenging to mould the rice if it was very hot.

Just as I was about to start frying my luncheon meat again...the whole house blacked out! I as shocked! What happened? URRGGGHHH,,,,it was already a race against time and this has to happen!!! Well, I woke my hubby, Ray up and he couldn't find the torch so I passed him my hp and I realized I do not know where is my flashlight function. So Ray could only use the light from my phone and tried to fix the short circuit problem.

The problem most probably lies with the rice cooker but the electricity still did not come back even after we have switched off all the switches (as advised by hubby).

It was pitch dark and I was worried about my food, if I would be in time to prepare the bentos, how would Rayson be able to brush his teeth in this darkness and it was hot and stuffy in our house!

I took 2 brochures and started fanning baby Rayes.....I was sweating and getting a bit frustrated but I kept my mouth shut because I know it was even tougher for Ray who was trying to solve the problem. 

After I really do not know for how long, the electricity finally came back!!! How did it come back? Ray said he unplugged the rice cooker's plug and the problem was solved. Ray said the fuse was probably spoilt and thus there was a short circuit. (HUH? WHAT?) Seriously, do you know what is he talking about? I have returned all my physics knowledge to my teachers. Ray told me we learnt all these in our secondary school days (we are classmates ok). The moral of the story is when you study only for your examinations, the knowledge is most probably not going to stay with you (talking about myself).

So I was in awe with Ray, and I could not imagine if this happens when I was alone in the house. 
Anyway..all went well and I prepared my bentos in time. Here they are!

Ray asked 这是什么character?
I said 我不知道,好像有一只兔子叫Miffy 可是好像又不太像。不过重点不是它是什么character ,重点是它抱着一个萝卜。

Well...then just as we were about to go out, we realized Rayden wetted the bed! And so Ray calmly changed the bedsheet and washed Rayden's clothes. 

So what am I trying to say with the boring story above and all these little episodes? Well, I appreciate my hubby Ray. He's the hero in our house and always the problem solver. I cannot imagine life without him.....=)

Kai Sin

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