Friday, 21 April 2017

Bento #176 - Aglio Olio with grilled chicken wings and TheAsianParent Baby Bash {Media Invite}

First time cooking aglio olio using Noobcook's recipe for Rayson so I hope he likes it. However, I think Ray's bento will still taste better because I omitted the chili flakes for Rayson, that makes a lot of difference!

Rayson's bento

Hubby's bento
Grilled chicken wings are easy, just marinate them with some maggi seasonings and garlic powder, pop them into the oven for 15 min at 180 - 200 deg. Brush on some honey and grill the wings for a few minutes more. Done!

We are very privileged to be invited to the TheAsianParent Baby Bash on 1 April 2017! It's a first for us!

The venue for the Baby Bash

What a cute romper!

I had a fun time dancing while babywearing Rayes! It's a great workout for mummies and at the same time, it lulls our babies to sleep too!

Great food waiting for us after our dance.

Free tasting of healthy yummy snacks by Nestle

Preparing first food for your baby by Chef Jonathan using equipment from Bosh

The brothers
Let's check out the other fun activities!

Keeping their hands busy with Play Doh

Diy-ing your own sensory toy by Busy Tables

Children are thrilled by the balloon sculpting session

We had fun! Thank you TheAsianParent for the invite. Missed this baby bash? No worries! Keep a lookout for their next baby bash on 2 July 2017! 

Kai Sin

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