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Welcome little Rayes! - Part 2

After my prayer on that Saturday night, (continued from Welcome little Rayes!-Part 1) I was wondering if I should start packing my hospital bag. But since I was feeling a bit tired and was having a splitting headache, I decided that I would pack another day. I figured I would probably have one more week before Rayes arrived. 

I did not sleep well that night because of my headache, was hoping it would go away in the morning and I would not need to pop any painkillers. When morning finally came, my headache was still as bad. I decided to take some painkillers so that I could function properly at Church. But first, off to the washroom I went for the bladder of a pregnant lady is forever full. 

What I did not expect is that much of water gushing out uncontrollably. 

"Did my waterbag just burst? Yes! Yes! My waterbag burst!!!!I'm ready to deliver!!!yea!!!!!" 

And so, my water bag burst just 2 days after my vaginal vault prolapse episode, on a Sunday morning again! There couldn't be a better timing, God is so good.

However, this time round, contractions kicked in once the water bag burst, I could feel the pain at 5 min interval which is pretty frequent.

Well, but I still got to brush my teeth first and also took a shower (while gritting my teeth), because I knew I would not have any chance to shower in the hospital later on. When I was clean and fresh, I woke Ray (my hubby) up, "I think my water bag just burst, please get ready."

While Ray went to get the car, I started to pack my hospital bag, I could vaguely remember the things to pack. Anyway, in case of super emergency, just grab your NRIC and admission letter, the other things can wait. I tried to act as calm as possible in front of Rayson and Rayden so as not to cause them any alarm We drove the boys to my mother's place. 

3 years back, when my water bag burst on a Sunday morning while we were at Church, we had to drive Rayson (elder boy) hurriedly to my mother's place. Back then, I remembered I went to hospital with a heavy heart because I was worried about Rayson. Worried if he would be scared without me by his side, if he understood what was going on, if I am going to see him again......I missed him badly.

This time round, I felt much better. The boys, Rayson and Rayden, seemed pretty excited about baby Rayes coming out soon. They couldn't wait to see him and Rayson was looking forward to his "staycation" at Thomson Medical. 

Rayson said to Rayden “ 弟弟,你要不要来医院住,很美的,很像hotel的!”

Most importantly, the 2 brothers have each other for support and company now. They waved goodbye to us happily as we drove off and head towards Thomson Medical Centre (TMC).

Sunday morning is a great timing because the traffic was so smooth we would reach TMC in 20 min! And there is no need for me to call Ray frantically on the phone. But at the rate of my contractions, I was really worried that baby Rayes would come out before we reached TMC. I was not too concerned about giving birth outside, when the contractions come, I would just need to go with the flow and push the baby out, there would be no time for me to have any other thoughts.
My real concern was that I have Group B - Strep infection (GBS) and antibiotics need to be administered through an IV during delivery. Else, the GBS might harm the baby. 

Thank God for the smooth traffic, we reached TMC in time. The first thing I said to the nurse at the delivery suite was "I'm going to deliver soon and I need antibiotics now because I have GBS."
They checked me and dilation was 6 cm. (*You can only start pushing when dilation reaches 10 cm)

Dr Yeap, my gynae, arrived soon (we usually converse in Mandarin but I will just write what she said in English for convenience sake)

"Thank God your water bag burst! I was praying for you last night!"

I thank God for a great doctor like Dr Yeap who genuinely care for her patients.I could see that she is quite troubled about my vaginal vault prolapse. So like me, she turns to God too. Dr Yeap isn't any doctor, she is the doctor who operates on my Mummy 16 years ago, I have a special affinity with her.
She informed the nurses about my vaginal vault prolapse and reminded them to be more careful and gentle during delivery. 

"Okay, I wil go make my rounds and come back later ya?" 

Either the nurse think I was managing my pain very well or she was trying to distract me, she started to chat with me and asked me about my vaginal vault prolapse. Dilation was proceeding fast and pain was getting more intense, like somebody drilling down my abdomen. My previous 2 pregnancies were induced, and God has granted my wish to go through a natural birth for Rayes and I can tell you honestly that it is not true that induced birth is much painful, induced or not, they are equally painful, there is no difference!!!!

"Do you want laughing gas?" asked the nurse.

"No, it doesn't have any effect on me"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, give me some oxygen, it's good for the baby"

"I think I will give you 50-50 % laughing gas and oxygen?"


Though I think laughing gas is useless, it sort of keeps me busy because I need to concentrate on breathing well. *Take a deep breath....breath out....deep breath...breath out.....* It keeps me busy. And when I uncontrollably lift up my legs.......

"No no no no no.......don't lift them up are not ready to push....." The nurse exclaimed.

Ray : "Conserve your energy, conserve your energy.."

"I can feel him coming down!!!!" I yelled.

"I know.....I know.....just a little while more....."

At this moment, Dr Yeap arrived. I let out the 2 loudest grunts to help myself tide over the terrible waves of contractions.

And then something amazing happened......

Dissociation from pain

After my grunts, suddenly, I could not feel anything. I could see the people in front of me and hear their voices clearly, I could even follow their instructions so I think I must be pretty clear minded? But, the amazing thing is I could not feel any PAIN! I was elated! Am so so thankful that God had granted me a few minutes to take a breather before the last and final push.

How did this happen? Was it the effect of the laughing gas? But I did not experience this before for Rayson! I would like to think that it is God who had helped me to take away the pain. He knew how much I could handle. If you have similar experiences, do share with me ya?

And I was so happy that I kept smiling to myself. I heard the nurse said "She's giddy...."

And then I was back to reality. I could feel the pain again and Rayes moving down. I gave one push and Rayes' head was out (I guessed) . But I could still feel contractions, I guessed Rayes was not totally out yet. Dr Yeap encouraged "Good, very good, gently, gently......" And so I gave a slow and gentle push and I could feel Rayes slide out of me!

YEA! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God!

Thank God for blessing me with a short labor, Rayes was out within 1 hour.

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Welcome Little Rayes!

Ray and I burst out laughing when we first set our eyes on Rayes because he resembles his brothers so much!

Dr Yeap "I think we should really say a prayer of thanks to God."

And Dr Yeap and I prayed together, giving thanks to God. Thereafter, we hugged each other and that was when my eyes were filled with tears. I was very thankful that God has sent so many angels to me in my life. Maybe Dr Yeap does not only see me as a patient but also her sister-in-Christ.

I could not wait to go back to my room for I have not really enjoyed a good meal for the past 8 months. Ever since I was pregnant, I felt bloated everyday and as Rayes grew in my tummy, I guessed there was not much space left for food. 

This was my 3rd time delivering at TMC and hence they have kindly upgraded my room to Super Deluxe suite. I have pleasant experiences staying at TMC when I delivered Rayson and Rayden, I know I can get a really good rest during my 3D2N stay here.

Do you miss the papaya fish soup at TMC?
Spacious Super Deluxe suite
Celebrating our birthdays at the hospital
So happy to see my boys! I miss them!

Rayson seeing his little brother for the first time. He was very excited!

Little Rayes latched successfully

And so our journey continues, 
I love God, I love my boys (hubby included), I love my life.

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Kai Sin

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