Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bento #58 - Ground Pork Curry Soboro

Ground Pork Curry Soboro

Servings 2


1) Minced Pork, I bought the minced pork from NTUC and used half the portion
2) Half an onion (diced)
3) 3 or 4 shitake mushrooms
4) About 100ml of water


1) Black pepper and salt for minced meat
2) Half a tablespoon of curry powder
3) A teaspoon of soya sauce
4) A teaspoon of sugar (don’t put if you like it more spicy)


1) Add some oil to the pan and add in the diced onion. Fry until it turns translucent.

2) Add in the diced mushrooms and fry until fragrant.

3) Transfer the onions and mushrooms onto a plate

4) Add the minced pork into the pan and fry until the meat changes color.

5) Add in the onions and mushrooms from (3)

6) Mix the ingredients well and then add in water and curry powder. The amount of water added really depends on you, if you prefer more sauce, then add more water and adjust the amount of curry powder accordingly.

7) Add in soya sauce and sugar (tastes like Japanese curry if you add sugar)

8) Cook for 5 more minutes and it’s ready!

And this is our lunch!

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