Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rayson thinking of Moses and the Israelites........

Took the boys for a day out.  Prepared them mentally beforehand that no matter how tired they are, there will be nobody to carry them because Papa is not around, neither will there be any stroller for them to rest in.

After a trip to RWS, we went Vivo to shop around. There was a lot of walking done but the boys trotted along beside me.

They have woken up early in the morning and it was way pass their usual nap time. Looking at Rayson’s listless face, I sensed that he’s about to act up…….but to my surprise, when he finally talked….

Rayson:妈咪,他们在旷野的时候也是这么累的吗?”(Mummy, were they as tired as us when they were wondering in the wilderness?)

So….....is Rayson thinking of Moses and the Israelites as a motivation for him to persevere in walking on….? =)

Kai Sin

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