Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bento #130 - Baked Tonkatsu

I am so happy my loots arrived from Bento and Co! I didn't expect the delivery to take such a short time! Shipping is free if you hit 85 USD which is not a problem for me at all because I bought some lunchboxes for myself also.

For today, Rayson will be using his new Totoro lunchbox. Yea!

I was so excited to prepare this baked tonkatsu that I kept thinking about it even when I was already on bed the night before.

I used the recipe from JustOneCook which is really friendly and easy to follow, there is even a video demonstration which will give you a even clearer idea on the steps.

I am pretty happy with the results except that the chops turn out a bit tough, probably because I left it in the oven for a tad longer than the stated time as I am always paranoid that the meat is not well cooked.

Baked tonkatsu is healthier than deep fried ones and they taste really crsipy too, you can hear the sound "crick crack crack" when you bite into them. Shall try this method to prepare chicken cutlets in future. Of course, they lost their crispiness when placed in the lunchboxes for such a long time but Rayson feedback that they still taste great, especially with his favorite Kewpie mayonnaise.

Hubby's bento

Rayson's bento

Rayden's bento

Kai Sin

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