Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bento #129 - Fried ginger minced meat and fluffy omelette

Today, I tried to be funny and did a charaben for hubby as well. In the end, I really do not know what are those animals. I thought they look like dogs but Rayson felt that they are sheep and my hubby thought that his is a bear. Anyway...this is considered a convenient charaben to prepare, just 3 round shaped rice and some punch outs from seaweed and you are done. 

The secret to savory fragrant minced meat is to pan fry the meat till they are dry with at most a bit of oil. When they are dry and some have even browned, it is then time to add your seasonings and some water, depending on how much sauce you want. Of course I also added in the "secret weapon" = fried minced ginger and drizzle the ginger oil onto the minced meat. Add in the spring onions towards the end before dishing up the meat. Yumz!

Rayson's bento
Hubby's bento
Rayson loves the fluffy omelette which is only seasoned with some light soya sauce and fried with spring onions. So how do we achieve the fluffy omelette effect?

Heat up the oil in the pan, add in more oil than usual, not just to coat the pan...perhaps 0.5mm..hee. When the oil is hot, scoop up 1 tbsp of oil and add in the beaten egg. After pouring in the eggs, pour 1 tbsp of oil onto the egg and you will see the omelette puff up like magic.

Kai Sin

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