Thursday, 13 July 2017

Homeschooling journey - Making Popcorn!

Oh dear, I am so sorry I have not been updating much on this blog because I have been quite occupied lately. So if I have time now, I'm usually searching the net, printing, laminating and cutting resources for our homeschooling journey.

We have officially taken R2 (4 years old now) from his school and will be homeschooling him till Primary 1. (hopefully)

So far, I am enjoying this journey because I have always felt that we have neglected R2 because our attention is either on managing R1 or taking care of baby R3. Many a times, I feel like I have left R2 fending for himself and I feel so sorry about it. So homeschooling him is really a good chance for me to spend more quality time with him.

Today we had some fun making popcorn! Firstly, R2 spent some time playing with the kernels and observing their appearance. He counted 30 kernels and placed them in another bowl and we compared which bowl has more or less kernels.

Then, we started making our popcorn. I reminded R2 to watch the steps carefully so he could complete the simple activity thereafter.

He was so fascinated watching the kernels "popping" into popcorn,

Let's read a little while waiting for our popcorn ya?

The popcorn is ready! Actually I burnt the first batch because of my "don't-want-to-waste-any-time" character. So I was doing some reading with R2 and before I knew it, the popcorn is all burnt and the whole house was filled with smoke!

Sigh. So I made a 2nd batch......

Finally, we can enjoy our fruits of labor. After eating the popcorn, we did a simple activity.

Learning some vocabulary related to "popcorn" and doing some sequencing. I drew the activity sheet and I wish I was a better artist because it would be so convenient to design activity sheets for R2 in future! I can draw anything I want.

I will be updating my Instagram more often I guess so do follow me if you want to know more about our homeschooling journey. 

Kai Sin

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