Friday, 21 July 2017

Homeschooling Journey - Timetable for homeschool

So I have drawn up R2's homeschool timetable, how does it look? A few weeks into our homeschooling journey, I realized we actually don't need any because we do not follow the timing at all! So now this timetable is actually collecting dust in my cupboard.

So far we are enjoying the whole process, no doubt we are going really erm we have maybe only touched 2 alphabets but I guess it's okay. We go out a lot with some outdoor activity nearly everyday. I really enjoy the  time spent with R2 and R3, hopefully I will be able to continue to homeschool baby R3 too.

Calendar time with R2

Letter A
Tracing (Letter A theme)
Sorting shapes
Pattern with baby counter bears
Bible time - Letter "A" is for Abraham
Milo tour with the homeschool community

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Kai Sin

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