Monday, 5 October 2015

Why do we need to study ?

Why do we need to study? Did you ever ask this question as a child? Or did your children ever ask you this question? What would your answer be? Several years ago, my pupil wrote this question in her workbook. She is a very good girl, conscientious, studious and well mannered. She is not someone I would worry about. But she wrote in her book that she does not understand the real purpose of studying.

I totally understand how she felt because as a child, I do not see the importance of studying too. Typical reasons adults would give are probably that we study so that we can have a bright future ? So that we can have a better life? So that we can find a good job? So that we can earn more money? (A very bad answer to give to the kids) etc. Well, none of these reasons serve as any source of motivation for me to study. I have always been an average faring girl at school, but I am hardworking and I can say that I'm a responsible girl. I know that one of my responsibilities as a student and a kid is to be hardworking and study well. Also, I wouldn't want my parents to worry for me. Hence, I tried my best and did all I need to do at school.

You see, the 'future' does not have any effect on our children. It's a very abstract concept to them, especially so when they are living in Singapore. We are very blessed and leading a good life here. Most (not all) children have parents who provide well for them. They have a roof under their head, nice clothes to wear and never need to starve. Earning money doesn't seem to be a very difficult thing to them. So they really do not care about their 'future' yet. They are more likely to be thinking of the food they will be eating during recesses, the places their parents will be bringing them during the weekends, the tv programmes that they can enjoy after they have done their homework. Why? Because all these seem more real to them as compared to their 'Future' which feels like so many light years away.

So this is the answer that I gave this girl:

You do not have to think and worry so much about what you are doing now. As long as you put in your best effort in doing every little thing everyday. Imagine you are trying to put together a 10000 pieces jig-saw puzzle. Your responsibility now is to try your best to find the correct pieces to fit together. Finding the pieces and ensuring that they fit well is the most important thing to do now, this is not the time to worry about how the completed puzzle will look like and how long will you take to complete the puzzle. If you put the pieces together with the right attitude now, the final picture will eventually unfold before your eyes and you will be able to admire the beauty of it. You will feel thankful that you have put in your best effort in every little step along this journey and realized how much you have grown. By then, you will probably understand the reason why you need to study.

I'm not sure if this is a good answer but she seemed enlightened. Now, she should already be in JC and I hope that she has already found the answer to her question. However, I wish I could show her the direction to her life as well, to help her realize her true purpose in life.

It's much easier to explain to my #1 who is 5 years old. We have discussed this before during our Bible time. I told him that the most important reason why he needs to study well now is so that he can use his talents well to serve the Lord in future. Our mission is to spread the Gospel and being educated does help in this area. 

Therefore, whether you eat or drink,or whatever you do, do all to the Glory of God. 
1 Cor 10:31

We are good friends, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We are great colleagues, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We are peacemakers, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We serve to lead, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We are good bosses, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We are good students, so that we can spread the Gospel.
We are good teachers, so that we can spread the Gospel.

The list goes on......for each of our action, we have to consider the possibility of it hindering our ability to spread the Gospel. It's no wonder why so many people are willing to listen to Jesus because as a human, he has such a great personality! 

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52

My #1 asked me if this means that people who are uneducated cannot spread the Gospel? Of course not!!! There are many ways to spread the Gospel. There is certainly no kpi to meet. God sees our hearts, how hard we are trying and how much we are giving. Most importantly, we need to use the talents that He has given us well. Surely, God knows our weaknesses, not everybody can talk well, not everybody has the courage to invite their colleagues to Church yet but as long as we're trying and improving..we know that we can still play a part in spreading the Gospel. 
Read: The Parable of the Talents Mat 25:14-30

But you know, how the world views us is different from how God views us. The world looks at your education level,status,power and how influential you are.

For example, if you are a renowned scientist that has influenced the world with your studies. How many more people are willing to lift up their heads to listen to you speak? And how much more time will they take to ponder about what you have shared? And how great is the effect if you tell them that you are a Christian and you believe that God is our one and only Creator? Would they think that you are more credible?Maybe.Possibly.But I'm sure many more would be willing to listen to this scientist instead of me.
However, we have to go back to our hearts, this renowned scientist must be humble and aware that it is God who has blessed him abundantly and he owns all his accomplishments to God. His accomplishment is just a tool for him to spread the Gospel. 

The moment when I regretted for not studying more is when I got sneered by my friend for being ignorant. He's an atheist and I am trying to convince him to explore the possibility of the existence of a Creator. Well, I do not know why he, holding a science degree and a current pharmacist, feels more superior than me (holding a degree in Statistic). Maybe he feels that he is well versed in the area of Science or maybe he already had a PhD which I'm unaware of. Well, don't be mistaken, I do not feel any inferior to him. The Truth stands firm under any debates and most of the answers we need to know can be found in the Bible. The problem lies with humans, that we are blinded by our own pride and refuse to acknowledge the presence of God. 

We certainly do no need a degree or PhD to understand Creation and seek God. Give your kids a box of loose Legos......

and ask them to shake the Legos until............

these are formed..........

They will soon give up and realize that it's an impossible mission. It's not difficult to understand 'For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.
Heb 3:4

So why then do we believe that the Universe can come together by itself?
Or after an explosion? (Big Bang Theory) We only see broken homes,debris,rubbles,a city destroyed after a major explosion...definitely not a Universe with beauty,design and order.
But many are blinded by pride.Being highly educated has instead become their stumble block.

I pray that my boys will study well, that they'll do well in life. The more influential they are, the more number of people's lives they can touch and the more number of souls they can save. The money they earn to be used to help our Church to spread the Gospel. I pray that my boys, like Jesus, will increase in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men. I pray that they will be humble, fear God and keep His commandments and I pray that I will not use the above stated as a noble reason for me to join the rat race of this society and pressure my boys into achieving academic excellence.

Surely, God knows how much each one of us can handle. I believe that my boys are in His safe and loving hands.I pray that I will also be an obedient child of God and lead my children well in the Lord.

For now,I think we shall just continue to concentrate on finding the pieces of our puzzle. 


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