Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#Bento 81 - Chicken wrap with grilled potatoes and vegetables

This week is a tiring but happy and fruitful week for us,I spent 3 days ferrying my boys to a Church camp and stayed there to wait till they were done. I was exhausted, perhaps driving really consumed a lot of my energy, as I have to be really focused while worrying about not able to find my route to the venue or being late. But it is all worthwhile as the 3 days camp has been such a nourishing session for my son's spiritual growth. It's a joy to see him enjoying himself so much. When he returned home after the last day of camp, and a long day that was, he headed straight for his Bible and started reading it quietly. It is a really touching moment, I hope he will keep up with this good work and place studying of God's Word as the top priority in his life.

So......this is the second bento that I made for hubby for the entire week as I really need the sleep to concentrate on driving for such long distances!

A simple chicken wrap and grilled potatoes and vegetables. Ta-da!

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