Sunday, 19 June 2016

Behind the scenes - Filming for SG Parent Bloggers Father's Day Tribute in Resorts World Sentosa

Happy Father's Day to all fathers! And nope, our family do not celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day or any other Days because we think that everyday is equally important to us! (perhaps we're being lazy too......).

This year, we have the honor to be involved in this video filming for SG Parent Bloggers Father's Day Tribute Resorts World Sentosa. It's a really fun experience for my boys and I and this is really a timely present for my boys' papa who is away from us at USA now. We miss him badly.

Rayson enthusiastically drew a picture and took several days to check and touch up his art piece. I can see that he is really serious about his work which makes it more beautiful than it really is.

Journey to Sentosa

Fooling around while Rayson gets serious in his work

Not interested......

Rayson checking and admiring his work

Rewarding ourselves with some ice-cream after filming the video

View the video! Love the last part where Rayden looked really blur after all the children ran off.....

Lovely piece of work!

Kai Sin

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