Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Our first time @ Pororo Park

Pororo Park has opened for some time and we finally decided to make our way there for Rayson's play date with his classmate this June holiday. We have cut down on indoor playgrounds nowadays because most of them are not very friendly to the pockets and also, air-conditioned indoor playgrounds are actually very 'dirty', infested with germs and bacteria everywhere. So most of the days, we will let the boys play outdoors if possible. 

However, the weather recently is really unpredictable, recent days being cloudy and rainy. I guess maybe having a play date at a indoor playground isn't such a bad idea, at least we do not need to think of any plan B.

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Nestled in Marina Square Shopping mall, Pororo Park is convenient to reach by public transport and car

First, the boys took the Pororo Express......

The boys enjoyed their ride as with most boys, they have this infatuation with trains and other things that move on roads or tracks. The Pororo Express has a schedule and we managed to catch it 2 times for the 1st and 2nd slot, 1030am - 1110am and 1230pm to 110pm. No adults are allowed on the train rides so children must be independent and can be seated by themselves.

Next, they moved on to this not-too-big-but-just-nice playground, Poby's Play Gym, where they spent the bulk of their time. It looks very clean and well-maintained. The kids love it!

I explored Pororo's little house myself because our preschoolers do not seem too interested in it. Perhaps it is just good for them to take a picture or 2. 

Isn't this just too cute?
Then they decided to take a break at Tong Tong's Theatre, where they watched a little musical too.

Pretty excited myself......

The Shark Ball Pool is also a hit with Rayden.

There are also 2 areas which are suitable for toddlers but my boys aren't interested with them at all. Mine are 3.5 and 6 years old respectively and they are very comfortable with Poby's Play Gym. So perhaps these 2 areas will be suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years? Depending on your kids' motor skills also I guess.

Near the entrance, there is also Pororo Link, with cars, tracks and some blocks for children to fiddle with.

There is only one area which we did not explore, Petty's Supermarket, because it was a chaotic scene and also near the end of our playtime, so we had to skip this.

And I think this is pretty much the play areas of Pororo Park. But 2 hours was gone in a flash, and this is a good sign because that means we are enjoying ourselves so much that time just flew past. Initially, I told hubby that I will just bring the boys there once for experience, but I think......there will most probably be a 2nd time! (to hubby's dismay).

The price may be abit steep......But after using partners' card, it will be round $60 for my 2 boys and I ($28,50 per kid), still not too bad. Well, almost all the indoor playgrounds have steep pricing.

Information taken from Pororo's website

You may also wish to look at this overview if you are interested in taking up the Pororo Park Membership. I did not bother to do my calculations because I'm almost certain I will not take up the membership. Although I mentioned that I most probably will be bringing my boys there for a second time, I guess it's good not to bring them there too frequently because they will soon get sick of the place. And I feel restricted and tied down by a membership pass, as if I'm forced to bring them there as many times as possible so as to make my money worthwhile.


Things I love about Pororo Park......

1) I can bring my boys there alone. Though some people have mentioned that the park is pretty small with limited play areas, this is precisely the reason why I love the place. I think the size is just right for us. There are only that few areas to locate my boys and I do not need to comb and search or scream my lungs out to find them.

2) The cafe is located near the entrance. Why is this important to me? I am pretty paranoid about safety issues and we must not take it for granted even in our very safe Singapore. As there is only one entrance/exit, it's relatively safe to just monitor that one and only entrance/exit to prevent your children from slipping out or following any strangers etc. We can do that while enjoying a drink at the cafe. Better still if you have play dates and you can chat with other mummies at the cafe. 

A drink is all I will order because the pricing (which I did not check) will surely be overpriced. There are many other better meal alternatives to choose from in Marina Square.

Cool De Sac (@ Suntec) is pretty unfriendly as the cafe is located inside the playground.

3) They have nice and clean toilets within the park. It's so convenient that we do not need to get out of the park every time my boys need to relieve themselves.

4) They have a clean and comfortable nursing room. Being a breastfeeding mummy, this is certainly a must for me.


In Summary........

Pororo Park is a nice place to visit once in a while and perfect for play dates where mummies can sit, relax and chat at the cafe. We really enjoy ourselves at the park with our friends and will most probably be back for a 2nd time. They also have pretty nice party rooms for holding birthday parties.

* Friendly reminder:
  • Remember to bring sweaters for yourself and kids because I was freezing in the park!
  • Socks are required for all visitors, including accompanying adults, so remember to bring your own socks

Pororo Park Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square #02-29

Tel:  +65 6250 9700
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm
Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm

Our better meal alternative @ SAKAE@Marina Square, it's so rare to find such quite healthy kids' meal. Ironically, most kids' meal are always filled with fried stuffs. I love these sets!

Kai Sin

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