Monday, 20 March 2017

Bento #163 - Teriyaki Salmon

The March Holidays is gone in a flash! I miss my boys!! Looking forward to the next public holiday..sob sob......

Prepared a simple bento today because usually I'm pretty tired on Sunday nights hence Monday's bento is usually a simpler one. 

Rayson helped me with quite a number of chores yesterday - he folded clothes, washed the toilet, peeled the garlics and shred the cabbage so he contributed to the bentos today too!

So this got me excited as I continue to rack my brain on what other chores to "outsource" to Rayson...hmmmm......Okie, I shall teach him how to prepare his favorite egg mayonnaise soon!

I threw in the cabbages and carrots to cook with the rice and they turn out pretty okay! So, the only work that I need to do in the morning is to pan fry the salmons. 

 Hubby's bento
Rayson's bento

I think lettuce is really a MUST-have in bentos! They do magic don't they? A pretty simple bento looks so much yummier when you add lettuces, the wonders of having "greens" in your bentos.

Now I usually cook 3 out of 5 days, so on days that I do not cook, it's time for a home workout @ night! Did this workout after all my boys slept.

Kai Sin

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