Friday, 24 March 2017

Bento #165 - Snorlax charaben with Japanese Curry

I finally made a Snorlax bento for Rayson! Almost didn't make it though. It's weird but I set my alarm to wake me up at 4 am and checked my alarm umpteen times yesterday night before I went to bed. But I did not hear my alarm at all! I certainly do not have any impression of me waking up to switch off the alarm...hmmmmm....

I only awoke when baby Rayes cried for milk and that was already 530am! I could not believe my eyes.....But fortunately, I had already prepared all the ingredients the previous night so I made it just in time. Whew! Moreover, Japanese curry is so easy to prepare, just throw everything into a pot and cook that's all.

I have lots of room for improvement certainly because my Pikachu still looks like a monster, WHY??!!
And I'm so bad at cutting intricate details with the seaweed, my hand shakes and my eyeballs went out of place and I can't focus. did the experts do it? Anyone to enlighten me?

I made a video of me preparing the bento today, the quality isn't very good though. I never had the luxury of having natural lighting as all my bentos were prepared in the wee hours.

Kai Sin

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