Monday, 14 August 2017

Family Fun Shoot Out with Canon (Media Invite)

It's a lovely Saturday with a beautiful weather and we were so excited for this fun shoot out organised by the lovely folks from Canon. 

R1: Where are we going? 

Me: To an event organised by Canon.

R1: Oh! Are they the one who brought us to the different playgrounds the previous time? 

Me: Yes, they are.

R1: Ooooooohhhhhh! I wonder what they have in stall for us today! I'm so looking forward to their surprises!

And yes, R1 speaks my mind as well. I'm so curious what Canon has in stall for us as well!

We took a while to find our meeting point - Real Food @ South Beach Tower.

Unveiling our mission today - To explore South Beach Aveune with our Perfect Adventure Pokemon buddy Charmander and paint a story with one or more shots that we have taken using the lightest camera in Canon's EOS M range - EOS M10.

What's this again?!!! (Trying to get baby R3 into our carrier)

This is a real challenge for (the uncreative) Hubby and I.

We have 1.5 hours to complete our mission.

Okay. Here we go.

Attempting the fun jump shot with the "waves" and Charmander is such a challenge. We failed.

Thank you R1 for trying so hard.

We even attempted to fling baby R3 up.

In front of the conserved building which used to be the headquarters for People's Defence Force (PDF).

I have no idea what are we trying to do here, probably trying to portray Charmander being trapped somewhere. Hubby was suggesting to paint a story of athletic Charmander swimming, flying, jumping around South Beach Avenue.

Family wefie in front of JW Marriot Grand Ballroom

"OOTD" shot at South Beach Quarter

Canon EOS M10 is light and easy to handle so the boys took many of our shots today as well.
Taken with Samsung Edge

Taken with Samsung Edge
Taken with Samsung Edge'

After today's session, R1 told me that his other hobby is photography (thank Canon for this). Well, I certainly hope he picks up photography then I can have a break (I'm the only photographer in my family now).

Taken with Samsung Edge
Hubby trying to guide R1 to take a picture of Charmander diving into the pond.

Taken by R2 using EOS M10

Taken by R2 using EOS M10

R1 realized that he could take selfie effortlessly with EOS M10 as the camera's screen turns back a full 180 deg on a single hinge. It even auto-switches to the selfie mode when the screen is twisted around to the right position.

Taken with Samsung Edge
Trying to take a shot of Charmander flying into the cloud.

And we were finally back at Real Food with some real food waiting for our rumbling tummies.

I never know vegetarian food (never a fan) can taste so good and REAL! We had a feast! I'm definitely coming back for more.

Taken with Samsung Edge - The brothers having fun taking wefie

I think this post seems a bit disorganized, maybe you don't even understand what we are doing. Honestly, I don't really know too..ha! But we have lots of laughter today! And I especially enjoy looking at how involved (and adorable) my hubby is (usually a serious and solemn chap). It's not everyday that we can see him this way.

Thank you Canon! We are looking forward to the next meet-up!

Kai Sin
*All pictures were taken by Canon EOS M10 unless otherwise stated.


  1. Thanks for joining us at South Beach Avenue! I enjoyed reading your story and is very glad your boys like events with plan for you with Canon. Motivates us to have more fun ones in the future. This post made my day. Thanks Kaisin!