Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Homeschooling Journey - National Day themed lessons

We stopped our letter of the Week lesson to focus on knowing more about Singapore. I prepared a file for R2 and hope to fill it up with different resources as the years go by.

I spent some time explaining to R2 on the separation between Singapore and Malaysia and was touched by his response.

Was sharing with R2 about National Day...
Me: 所以其实当年8月9日不是一个开心的日子。那一天,我们和马来西亚分开,成为一个独立的国家。我们什么也没有,只有人。

R2: 我觉得他不需要哭,因为只要神与我们同在,新加坡一定会没事。
This little boy with great faith.
We have much to learn from these little ones who belong to the kingdom of Heaven.
Sadly, as we grow, our faith gets eroded by our pride. The more we think of ourselves, the less we rely on God.

Singapore has come a long way and progressed to a first world country even though we are just a small little dot on the map.
God has indeed blessed us abundantly and we should not take any of these for granted.
R2 reminded me to continue to pray for Singapore and her leaders while we work hard to contribute and protect our homeland.

We will win each and every battle that we face in life if God is fighting for us.
Let go, let God.

We focus on the Singapore flag this year and R2 was able to remember what the red and white colours signify.

I printed pictures of the different Singapore landmarks and chatted with R2 about them. How beautiful Singapore is!
He drew a drawing of Marina Bay.

And we did a simple craft creating fireworks out from glue, salt and playing with different food colorings. Though they turned out looking a bit like koi fish...haaaaa....

And last but not least, I want them to know that Singapore has come a long way and we should not take what we have for granted but continue to work hard to contribute to Singapore and make it a better place to live for the many generations to come. If not for the hard work of our pioneers, we will not be leading the good life we have today. Much is known about Mr Lee Kuan Yew, someone which I respect a lot, a lot and a lot! So it will be good to let them know that there is another man who has made Singapore what it is today. Actually, there are many more other men to learn about...we will take it slow...

Happy Birthday Singapore! We love you lots and lots!

Do you know that 9 out of 10 people think I'm not from #Singapore? And the 10th person thinks I just became a citizen. Well, I'm a true blue #Singaporean , born and bred here! It doesn't really matter, we are a society which embraces #diversity and the true Singaporean is the one who ❤ Singapore. And one way to show our ❤ for our country is to ❤ our #family. Thank God for the #beautiful weather at #westcoastpark. Fantastic for #cycling. We pray that our leaders will have good health and wisdom to lead the country. That Singapore may continue to prosper and be a peaceful and stable place to live in. And that we will all learn to count our #blessings and treasure the life we have. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore! #sgparentbloggers #sporemombloggers #nationalday #familyfun #tapsg #tapkids #tapbabies #ilovesingapore #brothers #momlife
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