Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Homeschooling journey - Letter 'E'

We are finally starting letter 'E' which is like only the second letter!!haaa...

Grouping the upper and lower case letter 'E'

Doing patterns with the elephants

Tracing letter 'E' with blocks.

Counting the elephants and arranging them according to sizes.

Baby R3 trying to join in......

I wish I could better engage baby R3.......

What is he doing?????

Coloring the elephants

Writing his name on his boogie board.

Reading his readers.

Lego activity

How I love the brothers!

Last but not least, during our Bible time, we learned that 'E' is for Earth. God created the Heavens and the Earth. Also introduced continents to R2 and we had a discussion on what we can find at the different continents. Would probably teach him more about Asia since Singapore is part of it.

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Kai Sin

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