Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bento #49 Miso Salmon Onigiri

A very simple but well spent jubilee weekend.Can't help but feel my heartache and tears flowing when I saw the tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.I really do see something of him everywhere in Singapore.I guess the best way to thank him is to move on in life,be grateful and put in our best effort to contribute to Singapore.I'm extremely proud to be a Singaporean!

As everywhere is full of people, we decided to go West Coast park for a picnic. Prepared miso salmon onigiri (above) using the onigiri mold that I've bought from Daiso and I think the end product looks (and tastes) really good!I really adore Daiso.Am already looking forward to the next shopping trip to Daiso.Besides bento-ing,my other hobby is organizing my home...everything deserves its own space...they must be in a basket,box or some sort of organizer.I just feel really satisfied seeing everything in order and organized.Daiso offers lots of value for money stuffs.

First time pitching our tent.My #2 loves it as he  imagined it to be an igloo.And I'm really impressed that my hubby managed to set it up pretty fast.
We played with the sand,playgrounds,enjoyed our food,the breeze,the greenery and reward ourselves with some MacDonald ice-cream.
It's a really happy and fruitful day for us.I can see that my boys really enjoyed themselves.
It's free.It's Priceless.

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