Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bento #55 - Baymax enjoying his bath

Close shot of Baymax

My boys don’t really watch TV programmes at home, neither do we bring them to the cinema, so it is a treat for them (for me too!) when we get to watch “Big Hero 6” at a free movie screening during our picnic event over the weekends. This is really one of the few movies that we have watched.

And I guess we all fell in love with the irresistibly cute marshmallow Baymax. Making a Baymax bento for my #1 becomes one of the to-do things on my list.

The bento is showing Baymax relaxing in a bath of crab mayonnaise with a small rice ball beneath. Sides are steamed vegetables and miso baked salmon. Baymax’s head, hands and legs are made from quail egg. I shaped the egg with a cling wrap while it is hot and then put it into ice water to fix the shape. The good thing about using quail egg is that I do not need to use so much rice as my boy do not really have much time for lunch to finish his food. Am very satisfied with Baymax, it looks too cute to be eaten.

Time flies, today will be the last training before I send my P6 pupils off for their PSLE oral examinations tomorrow. I pray that they will be able to perform to their best.

All the best, children!

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