Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bento #51 - Panda bento for colleague

Prepared this for my colleague today. Panda rice balls (as requested) with teriyaki chicken. As you can see, the egg is a disaster because my hands slipped and oops too much of the mixed herbs! Looks really ugly but then I really wish to make the bento more sumptuous so I still put the egg in, knowing that my kind hearted colleague won't mind.

Felt a little guilty using disposable boxes, I thought it will be more convenient but it really isn't environmental friendly!I guess I shall stock up on some Daiso lunch boxes in future. Love the beautiful wax paper though.

I feel really happy when I see my colleague's face beaming with joy and enjoying the food that I have prepared. It's the best reward that I get. Would really love to cater bento boxes to more but due to my limited capability and time, I'm sorry to say that I can only prepare at most 2-3 bentos every morning.
And.....erm...........I'm not a really good cook to begin with...............=]

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