Friday, 10 February 2017

Bento #153 - Cold soba with teriyaki salmon

Friday is snack day for Rayson so I only need to cook for hubby this morning. There is a virus spreading around the house, first it's Rayson, then Rayden, my mama and now I'm not spared either. Initially I thought I must have over exerted myself last night doing my home workout but alas I'm down with fever! No wonder I was aching all over....Sad that I'm still as weak as ever...sob sob..

But the good thing is Rayson and Rayden recovered very well, they only had fever and no other draggy symptoms like running noses, coughs, phlegm etc......

Do you know it's very easy to prepare your own teriyaki sauce? 
Just use these 3 ingredients soy sauce, sake and mirin in the ratio 1:1:1 and tada! you have your own teriyaki sauce! I definitely prefer homemade teriyaki sauce as it is not as salty as store bought.

Kai Sin

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