Saturday, 18 February 2017

Rice cooker recipe - One pot meal with vegetables, chicken wings and salmon

Nowadays, due to my limited time (breastfeeding baby Rayes, brothers sleep, Rayes didn't sleep etc), dinners on Saturdays must be fuss free. Hence, I'm really falling in love with these rice cooker one pot meals, just throw in all the rice and ingredients and press the magic button "COOK", 30-40 min later, a nutritious meal will be ready! 

Best of all, the possibilities is endless! You can just change the ingredients so that you can have a variety of one pot meals. 

I threw in shredded cabbage, diced carrots, crab meat, lay the chicken wings on top and lastly 2 slabs on salmons. I marinated the wings with maggi soy sauce and salt and black pepper for the salmons. The oil of the chicken wings and salmons will seep into the rice...yum yumz!

For the rice, I added some salt and garlic powder for seasonings, you can also use chicken stock to replace the water so that the rice is more flavorful. Or you could also add 1 tomato to prepare tomato rice! 

Oh oh..not to forget, I also added in many, many, maybe 10+ cloves of garlic and a few slices of ginger to make the rice more fragrant. 

The only tricky part is the amount of water to add. I cooked 1.5 cup of rice today. Normally, I will cook rice and add water in the ratio 1:1. However, because salmon and chicken wings will produce some oils of their own, I reduce the amount of water added, hence for 1.5 cup of rice, I only add 1.25 cup of water. It's important to reduce the water else the rice will get a bit wet and soggy.

It's tricky because sometimes I did not manage to get the water right and the rice ended up either too hard or too soft. Anyhow, practice makes perfect so cook more often and you will get it right!

Before cooking, oh that's a slab of butter on top

It's done!

Dinner is ready!

Kai Sin

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