Tuesday, 16 August 2016

#Bento 116 - Fried Carrot Cake (white) aka Chye Tow Kueh

Congrats to Joseph Schooling for achieving our first gold Olympic medal! So thanks to him (just joking), I decided to fry carrot cake (white) [also known as Chye Tow Kueh in Hokkien] (Schooling’s favorite food) for the whole family today. It’s actually a very simple dish to prepare. All of us can do it, and a healthier version as well.

For myself, I prefer the white fried carrot cake with lots of eggs fried until they are browned and crisp. Yums!

If time permits, I would love to make my own carrot cake as well [got to learn from my Mummy]  as I’m sure it will taste much, much better than the ones bought from NTUC (which is the one I’m using today but I did not take a picture of it).


·         ·        Carrot cake (bought from NTUC and comes in a big squarish cube)
·        4 eggs (should have added 1 more egg)
·        Spring onions
·        Garlic
·        Chai Poh (Salted Radish)

I soaked the Chai Poh in water for 10 min so that it will not be too salty. Thereafter, I squeezed the Chai Poh dry and fry the Chai Poh without adding any oil, until it is dry and fragrant.

 Add some oil and garlic and continue frying until fragrant.

Add in the carrot cake which has been cut into small cubes.

Add in more oil and stir fry the carrot cake for a few minutes, mix the carrot cake well with the garlic and chai poh. . Add in 1 tbsp of soya sauce, ½ tbsp of wine and ½ tbsp of sesame oil. Stir fry until the carrot cake looks a bit translucent and soft.

The carrot cake is soft and ready for the eggs!

Beat the eggs well and add in a pinch of salt and some pepper. Pour the egg over the carrot cake. I sprinkled some spring onions in at this point also.

Let the eggs sit in the pan until it is browned on the other side. I usually check the underside when I smelled the aroma of the fried eggs. Flip when the other side has browned.

I should have added one or two more eggs because I prefer the carrot cake to be all covered with crisp browned eggs. Next time I guess……

Now they are ready to be served!

Hubby's carrot cake with chili and tomato and avocado salad with sesame sauce

Rayson's carrot cake

Fried carrot cakes for the whole family!

Kai Sin

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