Monday, 29 August 2016

#Bento 121 - Ginger Scallions Pork

The good thing about having home cooked food is that you can whip up whatever you crave for. I have been thinking of this dish for a while and so today is the day!

Hubby's bento
I bought the ready cut pork loins meant for shabu shabu from NTUC to cook this dish because I'm not confident of cutting thin slices of pork and then I will be paranoid about whether did I cook the meat thoroughly and they will end up very tough. Well, another alternative is I could just sharpen my knife (am using quite a blunt knife now).

What do you think of my picture? Am getting interested into food photography recently though I am really still an amateur but browsing around and learning from others on how they make use of little props to enhance pictures of their food. 

Quite an addictive hobby so now I am becoming a garang-guni collecting cute little stuffs and cloths for my props.

Another attempt to shoot my own bento.

Kai Sin

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