Friday, 23 September 2016

#Bento 127 - Fried udon bento

I have fried several versions of fried udon but the version today is my favorite! OH, I think it tastes really good. I really love it!

But then again, my taste buds are probably not very reliable now, a bit hay wired. Perhaps I will try this version again after I have delivered.

Recipe for fried udon

Servings: 2 adults ( 1 adult and 2 children)


- 2 packets of Sakura brand (best udon so far) udon (can be bought from NTUC )
- 2 deboned chicken thigh meat
- 1 packet of beancurd skin (can be bought from NTUC)
- Green veges (I use lettuce because I wanted to use up my stock, but leafy vegetables like bak choy works fine)

- 5 - 6 cloves of minced garlic ( I usually put quite a lot because we love garlic!)
- 7- 8 shallots thinly sliced ( the more the better!)

Marinade for the chicken meat (marinate for at least half an hour)

- Maggi soy sauce
- Some sesame oil 
- Some ginger and garlic powder ( estimated amount, up to your preference)


- Half a bowl of prawn soup
- 1 tbsp of light soy sauce 
- 1 tbsp of fish sauce
- some thick dark soy sauce (more for the coloring, my dark soy sauce isn't really salty)
- Wine (optional)

In the morning, first thing after I woke up, I put 7-8 prawns' shells in a small pot and around half a soup bowl of water and bring them to a boil for the prawn stock. Then, I proceed to wash-up..hee.


1) Pour oil into the pan and fry the shallots on medium fire. They turn brown pretty fast so please watch them closely. When they start to brown, turn off the fire (the oil will still be hot) and continue to fry till golden brown. You can stir occasionally if you notice some of the shallots turning too dark a color.

When done, take out the fried shallots and oil (can be used for cooking thereafter). Please separate the fried shallots and oil because the shallots will turn soft if soaked in the oil for too long.

2) Use some of the fried shallot oil to fry the minced garlic till fragrant. Pour in the marinated chicken meat and fry till they turn color and are roughly cooked. Dish out the chicken meat.

3) Cut the beancurd skin and place them in the pan, fry for a minute. Place the skin at the bottom because they will make the sauce taste sweet. Next layer is the washed udon noodles, then chicken meat (in the middle layer so that the meat will not be too tough). Lastly, I put the vegetables on top. 
Add in the prawn stock, cover the lid and let everything cook on medium fire. 

4) When you see steam coming out, turn down to small fire, Using a pair of chopsticks and spatula, I will mix all the ingredients and noodle together. (I definitely do not have the strength to hold the pan and toss the udon noodles.....)

5) Add in all the seasonings. You can adjust the amount of seasoning according to your preference.  
Continue to mix the noodles, ingredients and seasonings evenly.

6) When you are almost done, drizzle some fried shallot oil on the noodles and for me, I add in another tbsp of Hua Tiao wine and turn off the fire.

Ready to serve! 
They will look much more appetizing when garnished with parsley or some spring onions. Last but not least, do not forget your fried shallots!

*If you want to pack the fried udon into lunchboxes, do remember to cool them down properly prior packing to prevent bacteria from growing.

For my own bento, I added in another 1 or 2 tbsp of black vinegar and I could not get enough of my udon! (But that's for my hay wired taste buds now,, don't try it if you are not a lover of black vinegar)

Hope that you have enjoyed this recipe. Will try to update it with more pictures for the method portion in future.

Kai Sin

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