Monday, 23 January 2017

Bento #143 - Bunny Tuna Mayonnaise sandwich and lava egg

I love this Bunny sandwich and it is really easy to prepare.

Added kewpie (Rayson only eats this mayonnaise) mayonnaise, black pepper, garlic and flaxseed powder to tuna flakes (in water). I prepared this the previous day and kept it in the fridge.

For the sandwich, you just need to find a small bowl or anything that is round in shape and press it down hard on the bread, this will seal the edge of the sandwich which keeps the filling nicely inside the sandwich. Cut 2 ears out from the remaining bread and slot them into the sandwich.

I used Nutella to draw the eyes and mouth. I think the lines can be finer. With more practice, I will be able to use Nutella to draw and write many more things! So excited!

The lava egg isn't very pretty though but I guess it's okay, most importantly it tastes good...=P

As requested by Rayson, he will be bringing his Mickey Mouse Rice rusk lunchbox today. I hope he brings it back........

Kai Sin

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