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For my loves - When you are searching for love, remember Mat 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you." Part 4

For my loves, Rayson, Rayden and Rayes,

Ray continued to attend church on Sundays with me. His one-to-one sharing with the brother is on Creation

If you are reading this, do think about it too.

In the Bible, in the first book of Genesis, in the first chapter and the first verse, it writes:

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

So, our almighty God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. On the 6th day, God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Heb 3:4 For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.

If you find it absurd that buildings aren't built by someone but exist by itself, then why can we accept that the Universe exists by chance? There is evidence of design everywhere in nature. Mother Nature is all but the works of God.

I observed Ray during each sharing session. He listened intently but I wondered what went on in his mind. I didn't want to discuss with him because I thought I wanted to give him some time to think through it himself. Or maybe, a part of me was worried that I would not hear what I want if I asked and then everything would end again. 

We have come this far.

However, the day still came, I forgot how the conversation came to this...but....(Note: We converse in Mandarin)

(In the car, driving me home......)

Me: So, what do you think after attending the sessions?

Ray: Erm, I find it hard to accept that the Universe is created in 6 days. How is that possible?

Me: Of course it's possible. He's God, He can do anything He wants. How do you think the Universe came about then?

(Background: Ray is a researcher and very "science"....)

Ray: It all started with a single cell and over time, they evolved...................( aka evolution)

Me: That's absurd. How can our whole Universe and mankind with such intricate designs be evolved? By themselves?!

Ray: Now, I accept that the Bible is a very good book with great teachings. Can I accept the teachings but not the Creation part?

Me: NO you can't. Because God is our One and Only Creator. If you refuse to acknowledge this, you denied His existence. I cannot accept this because it's an insult to Him.Besides, the Bible is not JUST any book. It is God's written Word with a Salvation plan.

Ray: Why can't we just be together and I accept the teachings of the Bible?

Me: NO it's not possible. Let me give you an example. I rely on God a lot, especially so if I meet with difficulties in life and I always feel very encouraged by His Word. His Word is an anchor to me to tide over the difficult times.

We also communicate to God by praying. I believe that praying is very powerful and anything can be done (if God is willing) through it.

Should you feel down in future, I will really like to encourage you using His Word and saying to you "I will pray for you". However if you don't even acknowledge His existence, I will be thinking if you're laughing at me in your heart "Oh, she and her God again. What can praying do?" You might or might not think this way but I will always be guessing. This is just one of the many problems I foresee and this will really affect our relationship greatly.

(Note: Praying is doing everything we can according to God's will and let God decide on the outcomes. 
Praying isn't just doing nothing and hoping that our problems will be solved.)

Me: Well, it's okay if you can't accept. We can still be friends.

And so, we reached my home. For the next few days, there was no sms from Ray. Nothing.

So, it's the end?

This time round, I felt unusually calm, no sadness or disappointment. In fact, there was a tinge of happiness in my heart because I was glad I made the right decision. I was a bit sorry though when I saw my Mummy's disappointed face, like, uh-oh..there goes my potential son-in-law.

It's okay, life still goes on.

If I have God, I have everything.

However, one day Ray asked me out for a talk. He had thought through and would like to give ourselves another chance. 

The good thing about Ray is that he's a man with principles. I know he will never become a Christian if he is not convinced. However, he also has a humble heart and always willing to listen to God's Word with an open heart. 

Most importantly, after listening, he seriously thought it through and analyse on his part. And so it happens that, his friend, who is also a Christian gave him this book- The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel.

In this book, Strobel, an investigative journalist writes about evidences that purport to show that the universe and life are designed by an "Intelligent Designer". He reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you will encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.

Ray never turned back and baptised to become a Christian in 2008. Today, he always quote Einstein "The more I study science, the more I believe in God." and continued to share with people around him on why he believes in Creation.

Though I have been a Christian for a much longer time than him, he has greatly influenced me in our every day lives and also spiritually.

Just one example that leaves a deep impression on me. 

He was then just a new convert, after attending Bible class on a Wed night and driving me home, it was already 10+pm. He went back to his work place to continue with his research work. He has unfinished work but left his work to attend Bible class and continue thereafter. 

I started to reflect, how often did I use work and tiredness as reasons to miss Bible classes. Did I really try my best to attend? Attending Worship, Bibles classes and fellowships is really the very least to do from our part.

Looking back, I'm thankful for the lesson learnt. I shudder at the possibility of me being married to someone who isn't even willing to learn more about my God. It'd be a disaster and I would most probably be trapped in an unhappy marriage. There will definitely be many problems because of the difference in our values and priorities in life. 

Now, I understood that it isn't just a matter of respect because Christianity isn't just a religion, it is forging a close and ongoing relationship with God everyday.

I'm thankful for my life now because we can grow together spiritually and serve God as a family. Problems are easier (easier, not easy) to resolve because we have a common authority to turn to. So can Christians accept non-Christians as partners?

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

Rayson once asked me if it's okay for him not to marry in future. I told him it's perfectly fine as he could be like Paul, he'll be able to serve God without any distractions. It's better to stay single than to marry the wrong person. However, I'm sure God will definitely help him to find his partner if he trusts and obeys God.

I never know when tribulations will befall but should the day come, I hope I will always remember that we can always rely on God to fight the battles in our life.

Heb 13:6 
So we may boldly say:
“The Lord is my helper;

I will not fear.

What can man do to me?”

If I have God, I have everything.

~The End~

Kai Sin

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