Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sa.Yum Dining Room - Thai Food (Review)

I love weekends (who doesn't?)... and what better way is there but to spend a lovely relaxing weekend with our love ones and eating good food together? Our family seldom, seldom eat out nowadays as we home cook a lot so I'm pretty excited and looking forward to our Thai food fare today. 

Located along Club Street is our destination today - SA.YUM Dining Room

Rayson admiring a street artiste's work
We have reached! The yellow signboard!
Happy Rayson

Our table!

Amanda, upon knowing the size of my "village", kindly arranged a table right at the back for us so that there is ample space for our stroller without blocking the way. I can eat really peacefully as there is absolutely no fear of anyone or anything knocking into my stroller. She also kindly advised me that should we be going for dinner, there will be people smoking at the bar beside her restaurant and asked if I mind. Thumbs-up for being so considerate!

A glass of chilling Thai ice coffee and Lemongrass & Ginger to start our meal, perfect for the hot weather. Lemongrass & Ginger tastes so refreshing!

Rayden enjoying his apple juice
Green Mango Salad

1) Green Mango Salad for our appetizer. Green young mangoes, tomatoes, shallot, green onions and chilli-dried shrimp tossed in a palm sugar sauce. An explosion of spicy, sweet, sour and salty flavor.

However, I find it a bit too spicy for my liking, but that's me, it will be perfect for those who loves hot, spicy stuff.

American fried rice

Fried chicken skin! Yay or Nay?

2) Khao Pad American (Fried Rice) for Rayson and Rayden. The generous serving for 2 is too much for our boys and hubby and I got to help them out. I really have an issue with restaurants' kids' meal because they usually serve junk food and fried stuffs. Hence, I will usually avoid ordering from their kids' menu.

But I guess it's okay to indulge once in a while. Nothing can go wrong with Spam and Fried chicken skin! Even I can't help snacking on the skins, I love skins, all sorts of skins!!!

Tom Yum Soup

3) Tom Yum Soup Classic spicy and sour soup made with a generous blend of Thai herbs with a choice of either chicken or prawns. An option of either a clear or milk (thick) soup base is available.

This is one of my favorite dish because it tastes so rich and appetizing and we are also impressed with the generous serving of prawns which taste so fresh and crunchy (is this the right word?).

Thai grilled pork on skewers

4) Thai grilled pork on skewers - Bite-sized pieces of pork marinated with slightly peppery cilantro, garlic and peppercorn. Don't forget to eat it with the awesome Thai Nam Jim Jaew dip which tastes a bit sweet and spicy. Nice!

Our verdict? A picture speaks a thousand word.

Okay..maybe not a very good picture but Rayson loves the grilled pork!

Pineapple fried rice

5) Ray and I had Pineapple fried rice for our main. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the serving...whew....I was really worried it would be as much as the American fried rice. You won't be able to resist the sinfully delicious fresh pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts and chicken or prawns.

Sa.Yum coconut ice-cream with red ruby

6) Rayden has been waiting for their Sa.Yum coconut ice cream with red ruby since he entered the restaurant. Well, he has been feeling unwell and did not have much appetite. Thanks to this dessert that we can see him eating happily.

The coconut ice-cream tastes just nice, not too sweet but leaves a really fragrant coconut taste lingering in your mouth. I am really looking forward to their red rubies, however, they taste pretty normal to me. I would skip the red rubies in future and take the ice-cream only.

Pretty red ruby
Now, I think one of the most important factors I consider when choosing a restaurant for our family is none other than the - WASHROOM. And yea! They have a relatively clean washroom! (you will understand if you know how frequent my boys use it).

I don't harbor any hopes of finding a changing diaper table but I changed baby Rayes' diaper in the stroller without any worries and also breastfeed him in the restaurant before we left for home. 

Breastfeeding in progress......
At the end of the day, our family left the restaurant happy and filled. And if you ask me if it is family friendly, I would say to me, it is! 

Thank you Sa.Yum for such a great dining experience and I am pleased to inform that they will be offering Bento For Love's readers 15% off their food orders, valid till 24 April 2017. Please quote discount quote "HAMIKO2017" to enjoy this offer.

SA.YUM Dining Room
42 Club Street, Singapore (069420)
Call Tel: +65 62211180 to make reservations
Kai Sin

Disclosure: We have been invited to SA.YUM dining room for a food tasting session. No monetary compensation has been received. All opinions and pictures are ours.

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